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The Benefits of Whirlybirds in Australia’s Varied Climate Conditions

Whirlybirds are not only aesthetically pleasing on a roof but also have the ability to help combat Australia’s varied climate conditions and increase ventilation within your roofing cavity.

Whirlybirds are best placed at the highest point/s of your roof to encourage hot air within the roofing cavity to escape, but also encourage a vented flow of air within the roofing cavity to help prevent mould and moisture build up in wet weather.

By encouraging ventilation within the roofing cavity, the properties internal climate will also regulate better which helps with heating and cooling functions and running costs of the home.

 Existing whirlybirds, if old or not installed correctly, can often seize or become unbalanced and noisy over time however existing whirlybirds in this state can be replaced by a professional roofing crew.

Our repair crews at Homestyle Roof Painters are highly qualified and can replace or install whirlybirds when we complete the repairs on your roof. Whirlybirds can be painted to suit your roof colour or supplied in Zinc which matches any existing roof colour, if this is preferred.

Please call or email the team today to arrange a free, no obligation assessment of your roof and remember to ask our assessor about whirlybirds with your roofing works.

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Whirlybird Install ‘Jasper’, Taigum
Works in Progress and After Photos – Prior painted whirlybird Install ‘Deep Ocean’, Albany Creek

6 Must-Know Tips for Roof Maintenance

The roof is an essential part of your home that you pay a high price to install. A poorly maintained roof can lead to costly problems that may cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Therefore, properly maintaining your home’s roof is crucial for your property’s long-term health.

You have a lot to consider with roof maintenance. Read on to learn about some tips for maintaining a roof that will give you years of service up to its expected lifespan.

1. Get Rid of Branches Around Your Home

If any branches are hanging around your home, your roof is at risk of being damaged. Branches can end up flying on your roof during harsh winds or storms and damage it. Therefore, get rid of branches hanging around your home to protect your roof from damage.

2. Inspect Your Roof Tiles

While your roof tiles constantly work to keep your roof together, they get exposed to damaging elements. Eventually, they may begin to slide down or ger cracks and breaks due to extreme weather conditions. Damaged tiles may be hard to notice as they are high up on the roof.

By checking over your tiles, you will be able to notice damaged tiles and repair or replace them before the damage gets worse or causes water ingress. 

3. Clean Up Leaves and Debris

Make sure you regularly clean up leaves, debris, or branches from on your roof. Doing so will not only keep your roof protected from potential structural damage but also keep it appealing. Use a leaf blower or a broom to tidy up your roof.

4. Clean Your Gutters

Regularly clean out your gutters from dirt and debris. Debris could be anything from small objects, dirt, leaves, and branches. Debris can clog the gutters and prevent water from flowing through, putting your roof foundation at risk of water damage.

If maintained in good condition, your gutters divert water and debris from your roof, protecting your roof foundation from moisture. Therefore, clean your gutters at least twice a year – more if you live around a lot of trees.

5. Check for Leak Marks

Pay attention to leak marks when inspecting your ceiling. These marks can be an indication of a leaking roof. Examples of leak marks to check out for include mould growing on exterior walls and water stains on ceilings and walls.

Therefore, regularly check your indoor/outdoor ceilings and exterior walls for leak marks, especially when it’s raining. Leak marks are the first signs of a damaged roof, and you should make repairs quickly before they worsen.

6. Eliminate Unwanted Algae and Moss

The growth of algae and moss on your roof is unappealing and can cause damage over a long period of time. The presence of algae and moss indicates high levels of moisture which can degrade your roof. You can prevent algae and moss from growing on your roof by cleaning it regularly and ensuring proper ventilation in your roof cavity to reduce moisture.

If your roof already has algae and moss, you can destroy them and prevent spreading by cleaning your roof with a specialised cleaning solution.

A regular roof inspection is the only way to ensure that your investment in a new roof meets your long-term goals. The roof should be checked at least twice a year, preferably in  spring and autumn. Therefore, having a professional inspect your roof regularly is highly recommended, even if you don’t think anything’s wrong.

A professional roof inspection helps you identify current problems, make necessary repairs, and point out ways to prevent future problems. Therefore, if you need a professional roof inspection, don’t hesitate to contact Homestyle Roof Painters. In case you need any repairs, Homestyle Roof Painters will do their best to keep your roof in optimal shape for years to come.

Why Choose Grey for Your Roof Colour?

When you think of your roof, you might not immediately think of the paint colour. However, the colour of your roof can make a big impact, so discover why a colour like grey is so ideal for your metal roof.

Grey easily blends in

Are you thrown off by the effect that a dramatic paint colour puts off? If you dislike the flare of red or the uniqueness of green, grey is a colour that will not stand out. Whether you simply want to have a roof like many of your neighbours’ or desire a simple roof, grey is a great colour that will provide an appealing roof without being the focus of every passer-by.

Grey provides a consistent theme

Do you want your roof to tie everything together? Perhaps you have a carefully chosen range of browns, blacks or other greys for your entire home. A roof is literally the top of your home, so let it act as the finishing touch for your overall home décor theme. And grey is perfect at that.

Due to its neutrality and ability to blend with other colours, grey is able to help to maintain a consistent colour scheme. You can enjoy a home that does not clash with itself.

Grey comes in different shades

Do you think grey only comes in one hue? Think again. Like every colour, grey comes in different shades, from lighter slate grey to dramatic charcoal grey. This allows you to play with the shades to discover what tone best suits your home. You do not have to settle for a less appealing grey that does not quite match what you want. Instead, you can enjoy the perfect tone that meets your design preferences and home décor.

Grey looks good on any home

No matter what type of home you have, grey is a great style for modern or traditional homes.

Live in a home that has a lot of history? A grey colour is great for mimicking the roofs of yesteryear, bringing to mind the slate roofs older homes sometimes had. Grey also goes well with other traditional materials, like brick red, light tan or warm brown.

Perhaps you enjoy a home that boasts everything modern life has to offer. Grey is still a good choice. Say you want to emphasise a minimalist lifestyle or have an industrial look for your home. Grey is good for both of these more modern trends.

Grey is versatile

A grey roof can be whatever you envision it to be. Whether you want to pair it as a contrast against a more vivid black or red, blend it with white or brown or have it be the centrepiece of your home’s décor, it can work well. That way, you can mix and match colour schemes until you achieve the look you want.

Grey is timeless

Unsure that your roof will be in fashion a few years or decades from now? If so, then choose grey. Grey has been a popular roof colour for much of history, so its appeal is unlikely to fade away, even as time marches on. Your home will not stick out for its outdated look just a decade from now.

Grey is available for your roof

If you want to see what grey paint colours are available for your home, then Homestyle Roof Painters can help. We help homeowners throughout North Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast have great-looking roofs, no matter what colour they choose. Contact us today to learn more about our roof painting process. We will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you have. 

What to Expect When You Ask a Professional to Paint Your Roof

If your roof is structurally sound and within its expected lifespan but looks drab, repainting it can be an effective way to make it look new again.

While you may tackle the project yourself, it is best left to a professional. Professional roof painters recognise that great caution, attention to detail and the right products are essential to painting your roof correctly. That is why they do everything they reasonably can to achieve great results. 

Here is what to expect when you hire a professional roof painter to refresh the look of your shabby roof. 

Roof inspection

The first step of any roof painting process is inspecting the entire roof. A thorough roof inspection is essential to find problems that may require repairs before the paint job can start.

Some common problems that they may look for include: 

  • Deteriorated roof flashing
  • Broken, chipped or missing tiles
  • Cracked, loose or missing ridge cap pointing and bedding
  • Decaying timber work
  • Rusted or loose screws
  • Perished silicone or decktights
  • Rusted tin sheets

Upon completion of the roof inspection, your roofer will prepare a detailed written report to reveal the general condition of your roof and recommend any repairs needed before work can commence.

Roof cleaning

If there are no roof repair issues to address, your roofer will clean your roof. Roof cleaning is essential to remove any loose paint and the dust, gunk and grime that accumulates on your roof over time. 

The surface dirt will affect the application and durability of the paint if not removed.

Application of paint primer

Roof painters use a primer to ensure proper paint adhesion. When applied to roof surfaces, primer forms a layer that receives paint better than the substrate material. When the paint is applied, it achieves a smooth and uniform finish that retains its colour well and sticks for an extended duration, providing maximum protection against the outside elements.

The primer coat of paint doubles as a sealer and undercoat for the subsequent coats of paint.

Paint selection and application

Not all roofing paints are created equal. They are available in various formulations and colours to suit different applications. Before choosing a particular paint type and colour for your roofing project, your roofer will confirm that it’s the right one for your project requirements.

Professional roof painters have paint colour charts you can use to determine the best paint colour for your roof. When selecting your paint, look for a product that not only suits your house style and home maintenance needs but also matches your energy goals.

For example, darker roofs generally absorb more solar radiation than brighter roofs, making them ideal for homes in colder climates. On the other hand, light-coloured roofs deflect solar heat away from homes, making them suitable for homes in hotter regions.

After paint selection, paint is mixed and applied to the surface of your roof. Professional roof painters use advanced painting techniques and equipment to achieve a super-even and attractive finish that will leave people staring at your roof in awe.

Site cleanup

Painting can be a messy job. Even though roof painting professionals know how to minimise the mess, a little paint spill or splatter here and there is inevitable. Upon completion of the paint application, your roofer will clean up the worksite to leave it looking nice and tidy.

A fresh lick of paint will give your roof a refreshed look and can also increase its lifespan, depending on the paint you use. When you get your roof painted by Homestyle Roof Painters, you can be sure of getting quality results that will last for many years. Plus, we offer a full warranty on our workmanship for your peace of mind.

Contact our friendly team today to receive your free quote.

How Pros Locate Roof Leaks in Your Home

Is your residential roof leaky? Roof leaks are one of the most dreadful problems you may experience in your home. Aside from causing water damage to your home, they can lead to moisture and condensation problems such as mould and mildew growth, posing health risks to you and your family. 

Roofs that leak may also lead to wet floors, posing slip and fall hazards in your home. 

Locating leaks is the first step in dealing with a leaky roof. Unfortunately, detecting a roof leak is usually the most challenging part of repairing the problem. Water does not flow in straight lines, so it can easily travel away from the source of a leak.

Read along to know how a professional roofer can identify leaks in your residential roofing system.

Go up into the attic

Blistering drywall or water stains on the ceiling of your house are not always signs of a leaky roof. Several factors other than a roof leak can lead to this problem. These include:

  1. Water pipes running in the attic
  2. HVAC piping system
  3. Leaks in attic-mounted water storage tanks
  4. Poor attic ventilation

With this in mind, the first thing that a roof leak detector will do is go up your attic to confirm that your indoor water leaks are coming from your roof and not from other sources. If they rule out other potential water leak sources, they will start looking for leaks in your roofing system. 

Since your attic may be unlit or dimly lit, your roofer will likely bring a flashlight to see the signs of moisture or water damage to your roof. 

What do roofers look for during attic inspections? 

Looking for moisture damage in your attic is essential for ascertaining that you have a leaking roof. Some common signs of a leaky roof include:

  1. Visible mould and mildew
  2. A musty smell (usually associated with mould and mildew growth)
  3. Damp roof insulation
  4. Wet roof frames or trusses 
  5. Wood rot
  6. Sunlight coming in through the roof 

Once they have seen the signs of moisture, your roofer will turn off the flashlight momentarily to check for areas where natural light is poking into the attic. If they find the leak, they will mark it by spraying a little silicone sealant on the area surrounding the leak.

Go to the rooftop

If your home does not have an attic or lacks attic access, your roofer will go on top of the roof to check for leaks. Some common signs of roof leaks that they will look for include the following:

  1. Cracked, broken or missing tiles
  2. Rusted or damaged screws
  3. Damaged or deteriorated roof flashing
  4. Holes in the roof sheets
  5. Cracked or missing ridge cap pointing

Any factor compromising your roof’s ability to keep out rain and other weather elements will require immediate corrective action. 

Is it safe for roofers to climb on top of your roof?

Inspecting the attic during a rainy day is the best way to locate a roof leak, as you can see the trouble areas firsthand. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to rooftop inspections.

Almost all roof surfaces become slippery when wet, increasing slip and fall hazards for roofing crews. Traditional rooftop inspections increase this risk since they require working at height.

Don’t let roof leaks wreak havoc in your home. The best way to identify and eliminate roof leaks in your home is to let a roofing contractor inspect and work on your roof. 

Get in touch with us to get a quote for your roof leak detection job. 

Common Problems of Metal Roofs

A metal roof can be a quality roofing material, but every roof material has its mishaps. If you have a metal roof, know what problems you might need to expect. That way, you can be better able to deal with them if they come up in the future.


Metal can sometimes scratch, often due to the elements or foot traffic. This is mainly because most metal roofs have paint layers that might not hold up well against the things that scratch them.

If your metal roof starts showing scratches, it could be a good time to consider getting the roof painted.

Additionally, you can also prevent this problem by limiting the number of people on your roof and investing in paint systems that hold up well against the elements.


Have you spotted some potential corrosion? Don’t just ignore the problem. Some metal roofs are prone to corrosion, especially if you mix and match metals, have bad edging or are attached to coastal homes with lots of exposure to salty air. While you can largely protect your metal roof from this problem due to durable paint or coatings, it can still happen.

The best way to prevent corrosion is to install superior metals with durable accessories. A reliable metal roof company can help you install a roof successfully so you don’t have to worry about this issue. Routine inspections and maintenance can also help a roof’s ability to avoid corrosion.

However, corrosion might happen eventually. If your roof starts to show signs, then get in touch with a roof repair company immediately. They can often repair or replace small amounts of corrosion. Too much corrosion might necessitate a complete roof replacement.

Faded paint

With metal usually having paint systems that protect them against the elements, they can sometimes experience paint fading. This is often due to continual sunlight or water exposure. The paint will start to lose its lustre and colour and eventually become lighter. This could happen to specific parts of the roof or the roof as a whole.

However, you don’t have to deal with faded paint on your metal roof forever. Instead, invest in a reputable company that provides warranties for roof painting. You’ll be able to enjoy superior protection and improved aesthetics with the same amount of quality your paint initially had.

Oil canning

Oil canning is a problem that many roofs of all metal types experience. Most metal roofs are meant to look and stay flat, but if you notice ripples or waves in your previously flat metal roof, then you likely have an oil canning problem.

This is something that is better to prevent. While choosing a reputable roofing contractor is a must, you can also employ tactics like installing thicker or more stretched metal, reducing the amount of reflection your metal roof will redirect or installing the metal panels or a flat roof deck. If an already installed roof shows signs of oil canning, then you can potentially replace some panels.

Get help for your metal roof

If you have a metal roof and start to experience these problems, Homestyle Roof Painters can help. We offer a wide range of roofing services, including roof painting, cleaning, repair and restoration. Whether you need to revitalise your metal roof’s paint or protect against scratches, rely on us for experienced work. Contact us today to discuss your exact roofing needs.

Essential Considerations When Painting Your Roof

Painting your roof is a great way to improve its appearance and protect the roofing materials. The process also helps you make adjustments that fit your tastes and the needs of your home. This piece provides a few important considerations you can make when painting your roof. 


The roof affects the ceiling temperature, ultimately impacting your home’s interior climate. Darker roofs absorb heat and light since they do not reflect it away from the surface. Therefore, darker colours are ideal for places that have cool climates since they keep the house warm.

If you realise that the current colour does not suit your region, you can easily adjust to the appropriate colour. Conduct due diligence and explore your area’s common trends. Check homes that were built decades ago, as they may have roof colours that match the demands of the climate.

Home Style

Any upgrades you make on the roof must reflect the overall architectural vision of your home and its surrounding. Repainting your roof changes its aesthetic appearance and overall design.

The roof must also contribute to this appearance if you need a minimalist look. Therefore, you can select neutral colour palates such as greys, beiges, and whites. On the other hand, monochromatic colour schemes used on your roofs, walls, and doors must transform the home into its essence. 

Thorough Surface Cleaning

Paint is an easy way to conceal dirt or damage to the roof. For example, paint quickly hides the rusted parts of your roof if you apply it over the original surface. The paint might glow for a few days, but these errors can cost you in the long run.

The best way to repaint your roof is to clean it thoroughly. Using specialist high pressure cleaning machines is the best way to get a good clean while minimising causing extra damage.

After the cleaning process, closely inspect the roof and determine the extent of any existing damages. If you must replace broken tiles or an entire galvanised steel sheet, ensure you do so before starting the painting process. Then, apply the paint and ensure your roof has a uniform coat of whichever colour you pick.

Adequate Safety

If you only need your roof repainted, you must shield the rest of your house from the overspray. The painting experts might give you a list of masking tapes, paper, and boards to prevent your windows and walls from the paint. Keep pets and children from the site to minimise the chances of an accident. Remember, their curiosity could prompt them to climb onto the roof to join you or the painter. 

The painter must have personal protective equipment. For instance, besides protective clothing, they should have a safety harness as they repair and paint the roof. Moreover, the painter must not work during storms and rains. Finally, ensure the painter has adequate liability insurance. 

Home upgrades are essential in maintaining your home’s value and modifying it to suit your taste. If you intend to repaint your roof, Homestyle Roof Painters are your one-stop shop when it comes to roof painting work. Our team of experienced roofers will transform your roof to improve the appeal and value of your home. 

What Roof Restorations Typically Involve

Has your home’s roof lost its original shine? Instead of replacing it immediately, consider restoring it. A roof restoration will make your roof look almost brand-new again—and it will last longer. If you intend to sell your home anytime soon, restoring its roof can make the property more attractive to buyers. 

Although restoring a tired-looking roof saves time and money on the cost of roof renewal, it demands a meticulous approach to work. Hiring a professional roofer is your best bet to get the job done correctly.

Here’s what to expect during a restoration of your residential roof.

1. Roof inspection

Have you spotted water stains on your ceiling or interior walls? Do you hear dripping sounds coming from the ceiling when it is raining? Is sunlight poking through your roof? These red flags indicate that you have a leaky roof. 

Conducting a roof inspection helps identify any underlying structural issues so that a new paint job does not merely mask the damage. Your roofer can inspect your roof by climbing on top of it to get a good look.

2. Roof cleaning

A professional cleaning your roof during roof restoration is vital for many reasons.

As a surface preparation task, it helps with paint adhesion. The fresh liquid paint will only adhere to the substrate roofing material uniformly if the roof surface is clean and dry. Roof cleaning helps rid your roof of the accumulated dirt and debris that may interfere with the uniform application of paint.

Roof cleaning also helps to discover structural integrity issues hidden underneath the built-up dirt, helping catch problems that may go unnoticed during the roof inspection stage.

The moss, algae and other natural elements associated with a dirty roof can all trap moisture and shorten the life of your roof. As a result, regular roof cleanings are vital to preserving the appearance and longevity of your roof. 

3. Roof repairs

Roof restorations involve identifying and fixing any problems your roof has. Effective roof repairs require pinpointing the root cause of the problem and taking adequate measures to correct it. Some common causes of roofing problems include:

  • Damage from walking on the roof surface
  • Deteriorated flashing
  • Cracked pointing
  • Loose or rusted nails or screws
  • Poor installation of skylights
  • Use of incorrect sealants

The appropriate repair action for roofs varies depending on the issue in question. The bigger the problem, the more costly it will be to fix.

4. Roof coating

All roofs, pre-coated or uncoated, eventually lose their original shine and may require a fresh coat of paint. A paint job will rejuvenate the roof’s appearance and provide additional protection against destructive weather. 

After they have finished making repairs on your roof, your roofer will give it a fresh lick of paint. They know which type of paint is suitable for your roof, so they can save you the hassle of choosing from the many different types of paint available today. Depending on your local climate, home style and personal taste, they can also help you pick the right roof colour.

Although restoring your roof can enhance the exterior appearance and resale value of your home, it is an inherently dangerous job that involves working at height. As a result, safety should be a top priority. Letting someone conversant with roof work safety is vital to avoid accidents and injuries on your property.

Contact us today if you need a free, no-obligation quote for your residential roof restoration. We specialise in providing quality painting, repairs and cleaning in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Caboolture, so you can count on us to make your roof look good and perform well again.

Selling Your Home? Enhancing Your Roof Can Help You Boost Home Value

If you’ve recently decided to sell your home, you want to get the best offer possible for your investment. One of the best ways to increase your property’s overall value is to make a few home renovations—and the roof is a great place to start. Take a look at our blog below to learn exactly how roof repairs and renovations can impact your home’s sale value.

Enhancing the aesthetic

Potential new homeowners look for a property that’s visually pleasing inside and outside. How the home’s roof looks also impacts its aesthetic. If your current roof is in decent shape and has no need for major repairs, consider giving it a new paint job to improve your home’s curb appeal.

However, if your roof does need major repairs—or even an entire replacement—you should complete this work before listing your home for sale. Potential buyers won’t want to buy a property that requires them to spend more money after the purchase, and they also don’t want an ill-kept roof on top of the home.

Should your roof need to be replaced completely, work with a roofing contractor who uses quality materials and who can recommend a new design that updates the whole look of the property. The design should also stay in style for years to benefit both you and the future homeowners.

Boosting energy efficiency

Homebuyers today constantly look for ways to make their abodes more energy-efficient, and an updated roof can really appeal to these individuals or families. In fact, buyers may be more likely to pay more for a property that prioritises energy efficiency.

A well-installed roof also prevents heat from escaping through it, which in turn lowers your energy usage and costs. And by repairing or replacing your roof, you allow your current property to better regulate internal temperatures, making for a more comfortable living experience.

Should you desire, you may also install solar panels on the roof to further enhance the home’s energy efficiency.

Making the home sturdier

A roof is meant to safeguard a home and its occupants from inclement weather. But if the roof has poor-quality materials or any damage, it won’t serve its intended purpose. 

Whether repaired or replaced, an updated roof enhances a home’s overall structural security. And the better materials used, the more secure the roof remains. Buyers are also likely to pay more for a home with a high-quality roof that will last for the duration of their ownership—especially because a sturdier roof will require fewer repairs and save them money in the long term.

All these factors combined boost your home’s value and allow you to sell the property for a higher amount.

Deterring pests and damage

Over time, roofs naturally get damaged, either from pests or nature. Those deterrents can create holes, encourage rot or impact the health and wellbeing of the home’s occupants. Likewise, any damage may allow pests directly into the home, creating several other issues for the property owners.

A repaired or replaced roof eliminates any damage and its associated risks, and it also prevents common pests from worsening any issues. Don’t forget to include your gutters in the repairs if pests are a concern. For more information about common pests that live in gutters (and can damage a roof), read through our previous blog article.

When you’re ready to start roof repairs or renovations, get in touch with the team at Homestyle Roof Painters. Our professionals can help you with whatever roofing needs you have so you can truly get the best value out of your property.

Preparing Your Roof for Autumn: A Guide

With autumn quickly approaching, you likely have a plethora of items on your to-do list. But with the changing season comes new concerns for your home. Read our guide below for preparing your home—specifically your roof—for the coming cooler months.

Have a professional inspect your roof

Your first step should be to schedule a professional roof inspection for your property. These experts can fully check your roof for some common issues such as:

  • Signs of warping
  • Defects with the flashing or joins
  • Broken tiles
  • Gaping, corrosion or pitting

During the inspection, you can also have your technician check to see if the roof needs a paint update. Or if you’d like to paint your roof for the first time, an inspection will let you know which repairs need to be made beforehand so you have a beautiful roof that will last as long as possible.

Make repairs and clean your roof

If you’re certified to make roofing repairs and to clean the surface, take that step after the inspection. However, regardless of your abilities, you can have an expert make repairs to your roof to enhance its longevity and functionality. Likewise, you should also clean your roof’s exterior to remove any debris that has built up over time.

Include your solar panels—if applicable

If you have solar panels on your roof, you should have those inspected as well. If the panels sustained any damage, make the necessary replacements so you can continue benefiting from renewable energy. Similarly, if the panels are dirty, have them cleaned.

Clean out your gutters

One of the biggest issues your home will face during the cooler months is falling leaves that can clog your gutters. Given enough time, these leaves can clog the gutters to the point that the system stops working correctly and won’t drain water away from your home. If left unattended for too long, built-up clogs can cause permanent, costly damage to the entire structure of your home.

Maintain your property’s foliage

Another great way to prepare your home — and your roof — for autumn is to prune any trees and shrubbery along your property. Keeping the branches and limbs cleanly trimmed prevents them from growing toward and damaging your roof.

If you have any other plant life in your yard that sheds leaves, trim those as well. Even if they aren’t at roof height, the fallen leaves could blow toward your roof or into the bottom of downpipes in higher winds.

Schedule pest control

In our previous blog post, 5 Pests That Like to Live in Dirty Gutters, we detail which animals pose a risk to your home’s gutters and roof. Aside from cleaning your gutters, you should schedule seasonal pest control to help avoid any complications throughout the season. And if any pests, such as roof rats or mice, have already caused damage to your home, you can have professionals make the necessary repairs, both to your home’s interior and exterior.

If you’d like to hire a professional to do more than inspect your roof, such as clean the gutters or detect leaks, contact Homestyle Roof Painters. We’re happy to provide the roofing services you need to have a fresh-looking, quality roof covering your home.