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What Roof Restorations Typically Involve

Has your home’s roof lost its original shine? Instead of replacing it immediately, consider restoring it. A roof restoration will make your roof look almost brand-new again—and it will last longer. If you intend to sell your home anytime soon, restoring its roof can make the property more attractive to buyers. 

Although restoring a tired-looking roof saves time and money on the cost of roof renewal, it demands a meticulous approach to work. Hiring a professional roofer is your best bet to get the job done correctly.

Here’s what to expect during a restoration of your residential roof.

1. Roof inspection

Have you spotted water stains on your ceiling or interior walls? Do you hear dripping sounds coming from the ceiling when it is raining? Is sunlight poking through your roof? These red flags indicate that you have a leaky roof. 

Conducting a roof inspection helps identify any underlying structural issues so that a new paint job does not merely mask the damage. Your roofer can inspect your roof by climbing on top of it to get a good look.

2. Roof cleaning

A professional cleaning your roof during roof restoration is vital for many reasons.

As a surface preparation task, it helps with paint adhesion. The fresh liquid paint will only adhere to the substrate roofing material uniformly if the roof surface is clean and dry. Roof cleaning helps rid your roof of the accumulated dirt and debris that may interfere with the uniform application of paint.

Roof cleaning also helps to discover structural integrity issues hidden underneath the built-up dirt, helping catch problems that may go unnoticed during the roof inspection stage.

The moss, algae and other natural elements associated with a dirty roof can all trap moisture and shorten the life of your roof. As a result, regular roof cleanings are vital to preserving the appearance and longevity of your roof. 

3. Roof repairs

Roof restorations involve identifying and fixing any problems your roof has. Effective roof repairs require pinpointing the root cause of the problem and taking adequate measures to correct it. Some common causes of roofing problems include:

  • Damage from walking on the roof surface
  • Deteriorated flashing
  • Cracked pointing
  • Loose or rusted nails or screws
  • Poor installation of skylights
  • Use of incorrect sealants

The appropriate repair action for roofs varies depending on the issue in question. The bigger the problem, the more costly it will be to fix.

4. Roof coating

All roofs, pre-coated or uncoated, eventually lose their original shine and may require a fresh coat of paint. A paint job will rejuvenate the roof’s appearance and provide additional protection against destructive weather. 

After they have finished making repairs on your roof, your roofer will give it a fresh lick of paint. They know which type of paint is suitable for your roof, so they can save you the hassle of choosing from the many different types of paint available today. Depending on your local climate, home style and personal taste, they can also help you pick the right roof colour.

Although restoring your roof can enhance the exterior appearance and resale value of your home, it is an inherently dangerous job that involves working at height. As a result, safety should be a top priority. Letting someone conversant with roof work safety is vital to avoid accidents and injuries on your property.

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