Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

For the best roof painting on the Sunshine Coast, we even paint gables, gutters and fascias. These are trickier elements of roof painting we excel in. You can also use our handy Paint Previewer to see how your roof could look with a different colour scheme. For superior roof painting in North Brisbane, contact us about your specific requirements.

Roof painting is an important part of home maintenance. Here are the main benefits:

  • You can change the colour and style of your roof for an updated look and feel for your entire home. You get the best of both worlds in functionality (a roof that does not leak!) and aesthetics (to make the neighbours turn their heads!)
  • It adds a layer of protection to your roof (literally). A properly painted roof is more weather resistant, looks good and does its job for longer.
  • It cools down the inside of your home: Cooling costs are reduced as heat is repelled, preventing heat build-up inside. Such natural indoor climate control is good for the environment and your pocket.
  • It stops leaks and moisture absorption: A hydrophobic or water-repellent seal forms over roof tiles to stop water leaks and prevent roof tiles from crumbling and timber ceiling trusses from being affected by water ingress.
  • Your roof lasts longer and adds value to your home: Roof painting is an important consideration for return on investment on your overall maintenance spend.

Be Sure To Use a Professional

Roof painting is part of the structural maintenance of your home. It should be performed by a professional like HRP Roofing for the best results. Much more than merely slapping on a coat of paint, roof painting must be a well-considered aspect of your overall home maintenance strategy.

Apart from making your home look great, painting boosts your roof’s resistance to dirt, mould, lichen and algae. Proper preparation and quality products are key to successful roof painting. Our team is highly experienced in the best application methods to paint your roof professionally with the least wastage and maximum benefit.

What We Can Do For You

Our roof painting service includes a full inspection and report for peace of mind. We clean your roof beforehand and repair or replace any damaged tiles, roof sheeting, pointing and bolts as part of our roof repair and maintenance service.

We prepare the roof surface with a primer bonding system, ensure colour matching, and apply any roof membrane surface coats. Paint is applied using the latest equipment for a super-even, quality finish.

Painting a roof properly so it endures for a long time, is a complex project involving cleaning, repair and correct surface preparation using suitable sealers and undercoats.

For a professional and affordable roof painting service on the Sunshine Coast, contact our helpful team at HRP Roofing for the best advice and a free quote.


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