Roof Repairs Sunshine Coast

Repairing your roof before it becomes a bigger problem should be a priority, as it could cost you in the long term. Instead of trying your luck at fixing your own property and putting yourself in harm’s way, have us take care of your roof repairs on the Sunshine Coast (it’s safer). Sub-par roofing is the major cause of leaks, which ultimately leads to interior damage.

Why Use Our Roof Repair Services on the Sunshine Coast?

Apart from the obvious fact of keeping the elements out, roof repairs and maintenance on your tile or metal roof will:

  • Prolong your roof’s life, meaning less money spent on a total re-roof.
  • Use preventative maintenance to help identify potential problems before they become costly.
  • Improve your roof’s appearance.
  • Increase your home’s value.

What Does Our Repairs and Maintenance Process Involve?

  • Extensive roof cleaning.
  • Securing roof sheeting, replacement and tightening of screws, bolts, and O-rings
  • Repairing small areas of damage on tin roofs.
  • Replacing and re-pointing tiles using modern materials such as Flexi Point.
  • Prepare the surface with Acryloc surface bonding systems.
  • Colour matching and application of surface coats.
  • Full clean-up after completion.
  • Full warranty on workmanship for 12 months.

What Should I Be Conscious of Regarding my Roof?

Sometimes, damage isn’t visible. If you have metal roofing, hail and tree debris can create rust-forming divots that you won’t notice until it’s too late. An inspection by our knowledgeable tradespeople will help identify issues like this, using years of experience in providing high quality roof repairs and restorations for both tile and metal roofing.

If you do find a leak or broken tile or need your gutters replaced, don’t try the DIY option unless you have the expertise to do the job properly. We have encountered many DIY jobs that have caused more damage to the roof and gutters, which means more money down the drain on repairs.

Applying silicone sealants might seem like a good idea when it’s bucketing down, but silicone is almost impossible to paint on or pressure clean. It must be removed, along with tiles or sheets it encountered. We also offer full roof restorations if a repair just won’t cut it!

We improve and maintain roofs daily, so for true peace of mind, let us take care of all your roof repairs in North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast.