3 Things to Look for in a Roof Paint

If you’ve decided to paint your roof, then you have a couple of key starting decisions to make. You need to choose a paint that is suitable for your roof’s materials and has a colour that you like.

However, these aren’t the only considerations you have to make at this stage. Roof paints have some features that you will find useful. These features often help protect your roof and keep it looking good for longer after your new paint goes on.

Which features should you look for?


3 Reasons to Repaint the Roof When Renovating a Home

For many Australians, buying an old property to renovate and revamp is an attractive option. It is an excellent way to create a modern family home, increase the value of your investment and make a substantial profit when it has time to sell.

Renovating an older home involves numerous smaller tasks that make up the renovation project as a whole. Often, one of these tasks is upgrading the roof. If you are fortunate, the roof on your older home is structurally sound and may only need some repair and restoration to have it looking and functioning better.

If this is the case for your home, repainting the roof may be all that is required to have it looking its best. Here are three reasons why repainting the roof of your home is a highly beneficial and worthwhile renovation project.

1. Increased Curb Appeal

When renovating an older home, improving the aesthetics of the front facade of the home is an important project. This concept is known as curb appeal, and it is touted by designers and real estate agents as one of the most vital parts of making sure that your home stands out in a positive way. Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes on visitors or buyers.

Repainting a tired and faded roof will give an older home an instant facelift that will dramatically increase its curb appeal. It is also a fantastic way to add a more contemporary and stylish colour to a roof that is dated and unfashionable. Also, it allows you to tie in the large surface of the roof with any other improvements that you make to the front facade of your home.

2. Increased Performance

Another excellent reason to repaint the roof of your older home is to increase its performance. To begin with, as part of the repainting project, our assessor will inspect the roof and identify any issues, such as cracks and leaks, that make the roof less functionally effective. Once these issues are fixed, your roof will provide superior protection for your entire home.

Roof painting also has tremendous benefits in regards to your home’s level of energy consumption.

You can also choose a paint that has a special coating to help reflect light and heat. This means even less thermal transfer through the roof of your home and a big reduction in energy costs for cooling or heating your home. This quality will also be an asset when it is time to sell, with modern buyers valuing sustainability and low energy costs in a potential home.

3. Increased Return on Investment

If you are renovating an older home, then the term return on investment (ROI) is one that you may be familiar with already. Essentially, it means what percentage of the cost involved with a renovation project will be recouped in added value or increased sale price for your home.

While it is difficult to put an exact percentage on the ROI for roof repainting, it is fair to say that it is a high-value project. In comparison to replacing the roof, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, repainting is very cost-effective and is very likely to provide a good ROI and increase the value of your property.

If you think that repainting your older home’s roof is a valuable and beneficial renovation project, then contact the friendly team at Homestyle Roof Painters. We provide an affordable, professional and thorough roof painting service that will have your older home’s roof looking incredible and new. We look forward to speaking with you about all your painting-related questions and concerns.

The Benefits Of Repainting Your Roof

Painting your roof serves many purposes.

It’s a newer property trend that has several benefits for your home or business and as experts in roof painting Brisbane, our staff here at Homestyle Roof Painters are trained to use the latest materials and techniques.

If you’ve never considered painting your roof, this list of benefits should help you see why it’s such a great choice.

Lowers energy use

Roof painting started out as a cosmetic treatment to give a home or business a visual appeal that can be lacking with traditional roofing materials.

However, many people who made the choice began to notice that our Colorbond paint helped reduce their energy usage.

This isn’t true of all colours, but light ones, especially white, can help reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing your expenditure on cooling your home.

Improves air quality

Our roofing experts also say that a painted roof can help lower the toxins in the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Some experts say that painting your roof white is equivalent to taking one car off the road for 11 years.

If you want a pleasing look, but also want one that’s eco-friendly, white roof paint is definitely a choice you should make.

This is one of the benefits that we always want homeowners to hear about when they’re considering roof painting in Brisbane.

Cools the building

As mentioned above, our white or other light shades of Colorbond roof paint helps reflect the sun’s rays, which is great for cooling your home or business during the hottest parts of the year.

By deflecting the sun from the top of the building, you keep it from getting hotter inside and that cuts back on your cooling needs, while also creating a comfortable environment for work and play.

Visual appeal

Painting your roof might be great for your energy use and the environment, but it’s no secret that it also looks good.

A white roof is visually appealing and gives your home or business and clean, crisp look that looks great with whatever colour of exterior paint or finish your home or building has.

A light-coloured roof can be colour matched to your existing home colour, whether your property is brick, rendered or timber.

Let us professionally paint your roof and you’ll love the kerb appeal that it offers as much as you love saving money on your energy bills and the good feeling it gives you to do something great for the environment.

Our paint previewer is a great way to gain an idea of how fabulous your roof will look when you choose Homestyle Roof Painters for all your roofing needs in Brisbane.

Call Homestyle Roof Painters today for all your roofing needs.

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