What Do Good Roofing Contractors Check?

Inspecting a roof should be a thorough process.

This is one of the most important parts of a building and any damage can affect other parts of the structure.

Leaks and mould can turn into huge issues that could lead to lengthy repairs.

When hiring roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast, they must carefully inspect the area where the work will be carried out.

You might have contacted them for a particular concern but there could be other underlying problems.

If they go undetected, they could cause a lot of damage before they are spotted.

Here is a summary of what the team at Home Roof Painters looks for.

Leaks and Flashing

Any signs of water damage are often an indicator of leaks on the roof. Another possibility is that the gutters could be clogged and not draining properly. If your roof has suffered under extreme weather, some tiles might have blown away. This gives water extra room to seep in and cause damage. Your roof should also have a leak barrier of at least 1 metre, which should be designed to repel water. When it is made form improper materials, it can cause leaks.


Constant contact with water can cause mould and rot to appear.

Unfortunately, it is easy for them to spread and affect other areas of the house.

Tackling these issues early on is the best way to defeat them. The team at Home Roof Painters can tackle these issues straightaway.

Roofing Structure

Some structural problems can very obvious, the roof can be sagging or perhaps you can see light coming through the roof.

In these cases, you need to call roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast immediately.

This type of damage is very serious and could compromise the structure of the building.

All the external components should be inspected, and any missing or damaged parts repaired.

Failure to do so can result in problems with the underlayment, sheathing and joists down the line.

Shingles and Gutters

The Homestyle Roof Painters team will check that there are no loose or missing shingles.

If some of them are rotting or have algae growth, they might need to be replaced.

The gutters can also help you determine if the shingles have reached the end of their life.

If the gutters have excessive quantities of shingle granules, that could mean that they have been through enough.

Engaging roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast can be a difficult task.

That is why Homestyle Roof Painters offers a written report as well as a no-obligation quote.

Call us on 07 5495 2200 or visit our website and read what others have said.

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Most Common Causes Of A Leaking Roof

The Benefits Of Repainting Your Roof

Painting your roof serves many purposes.

It’s a newer property trend that has several benefits for your home or business and as experts in roof painting Brisbane, our staff here at Homestyle Roof Painters are trained to use the latest materials and techniques.

If you’ve never considered painting your roof, this list of benefits should help you see why it’s such a great choice.

Lowers energy use

Roof painting started out as a cosmetic treatment to give a home or business a visual appeal that can be lacking with traditional roofing materials.

However, many people who made the choice began to notice that our Colorbond paint helped reduce their energy usage.

This isn’t true of all colours, but light ones, especially white, can help reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing your expenditure on cooling your home.

Improves air quality

Our roofing experts also say that a painted roof can help lower the toxins in the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Some experts say that painting your roof white is equivalent to taking one car off the road for 11 years.

If you want a pleasing look, but also want one that’s eco-friendly, white roof paint is definitely a choice you should make.

This is one of the benefits that we always want homeowners to hear about when they’re considering roof painting in Brisbane.

Cools the building

As mentioned above, our white or other light shades of Colorbond roof paint helps reflect the sun’s rays, which is great for cooling your home or business during the hottest parts of the year.

By deflecting the sun from the top of the building, you keep it from getting hotter inside and that cuts back on your cooling needs, while also creating a comfortable environment for work and play.

Visual appeal

Painting your roof might be great for your energy use and the environment, but it’s no secret that it also looks good.

A white roof is visually appealing and gives your home or business and clean, crisp look that looks great with whatever colour of exterior paint or finish your home or building has.

A light-coloured roof can be colour matched to your existing home colour, whether your property is brick, rendered or timber.

Let us professionally paint your roof and you’ll love the kerb appeal that it offers as much as you love saving money on your energy bills and the good feeling it gives you to do something great for the environment.

Our paint previewer is a great way to gain an idea of how fabulous your roof will look when you choose Homestyle Roof Painters for all your roofing needs in Brisbane.

Call Homestyle Roof Painters today for all your roofing needs.

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Finding a Roof Repair Specialist On The Sunshine Coast

Finding a Roof Repair Specialist On The Sunshine Coast

When you need roof repair on the Sunshine Coast, Homestyle Roof Painters offers the full range of services for every home or business owner.

In addition to performing inspections and helping you detect potential problems, our trained experts can help you get things fixed and back to normal.

Here’s a rundown of all the services we offer.

Roof Painting

Painting your roof offers many benefits, including adding to your home’s value, increasing kerb appeal and protecting both the inside and outside of your home.

We can help you choose the right colour, apply the paint and we offer a warranty afterward for your satisfaction.

Roof Cleaning

Because your roof is consistently exposed to the elements, it will naturally get dirty over time.

Whether that means dirt, algae, or other debris, we have the tools and the training to make it clean again.

A clean roof lasts longer, maintains the value of your home, and gives your house a better aesthetic.

Roof Repair

Putting off roof repairs on the Sunshine Coast can lead to more cost. Do you have broken or missing tiles? Is your roof leaking?

We offer both routine and emergency roof repair, which includes cleaning, replacement and repair for cracks, missing tiles, and other damage to your roof.

Obviously, this maintains the integrity of your house so don’t put off calling us.

Roof Restorations

If your roof is looking a bit worse for the wear, we are here to help.

We can restore it to its former glory, which includes such services as painting, cleaning, and repairing damage.

We can clean your solar panels and offer you an eco-friendly service as the same time.

Roof leak detection

If you have a leak, our technicians are available on an emergency basis to help you find the leak and get it repaired right away.

Our experts will find the issue, give you a written report, and if they have the time and materials on hand, will fix it on the spot for you.

All our work, even minor roof repairs, is fully guaranteed and covered by our exclusive warranty.

Gutter cleaning

This is a messy job, but it must be done at least once or twice a year.

Not doing so compromises the integrity of your home’s exterior and can lead to costly problems.

We can get your gutters clean in no time. We’ll even do minor repairs and replace broken components along the way.

Call Homestyle Roof Painters today for all your roofing needs.

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The Problems Caused By Old Roof Tiles

The Problems Caused By Old Roof Tiles

During the life-cycle of your home, at some point it is likely you will require roof repairs or a completely new roof.

This kind of job isn’t something you can leave up to anyone with a ladder and tiles as you will need to contact Brisbane roof restoration experts to ensure the work is satisfactory and compliant for insurance purposes.

Our roofing experts are trained to detect problems and provide the best options for repair or replacement.

Whether you just purchased an older home with a tired roof or your current roof is ready to be replaced, let us help you with your tile roof restoration needs. Here’s why you shouldn’t let those old tiles go unrepaired.

Water leaks

The primary issue to look out for when you have an old roof is water damage.

The older the tiles, the more likely they are to be cracked or otherwise damaged.

While a bit of water leaking into your home isn’t an emergency, leaving broken tiles can lead to major problems and should be checked out right away.

The leak could grow larger and too much water running in can cause damage to your drywall, floors and furniture.

The team at Homestyle Roof Painters can look for leaks and help you find a new roofing solution, including tile roof restoration.

Health hazards

Besides the obvious issues that water leaks can cause, letting the problem go too long or not detecting it soon enough can lead to mould and mildew building up inside your home.

This can lead to a variety of health problems, including respiratory issues and exacerbation of existing conditions like asthma.

You can trust our experts to detect leaks, repair them and help you decide on new roofing tiles.

Exterior damage

In addition to causing problems inside your home, broken roof tiles can also lead to issues outside.

If they slide off, they could damage the gutter system, which can be costly and time consuming to repair.

In a rare but not impossible event, a falling roof tile may also injure someone.

In addition, broken roof tiles that aren’t replaced can lead to structural damage, which you want to avoid as it can be very costly and inconvenient.


Though you probably don’t get on your roof very often, broken tiles can cause safety concerns should you need to go up there for any reason.

Our experts are trained to detect this damage and ensure your home is safe, both inside and out. Our roofing experts can help you protect your family and your home at the same time.

Give Homestyle Roof Painters a call today for all your roofing needs, including tile restoration and replacement.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Roof Colour

Tips For Choosing The Right Roof Colour

Whether you are sprucing up your home to sell it or just to maintain its look and/or integrity, your roof is an important aspect.

The team at Homestyle Roof Painters offer all options for roof restoration in Brisbane including painting.

Painting the roof of your home is a great idea for several reasons, but the biggest advantages being that it can save you on cooling costs and lends an aesthetic appeal to your home.

Here’s what to consider when choosing the right roof colour for your roof restoration.


The area you live should play a role in determining the colour you choose for you roof.

We recommend earthy colours for home in rural areas, subtle blue or brown colours for homes near the coast, and something bright and noticeable for a home in an urban environment.

There are plenty of hues in each colour range, so you may want to do some matching to the exterior of your home before making a final decision.

Heritage colours

When it comes to roof restoration in Brisbane, make sure you consider heritage colours.

Certain neighbourhoods are considered heritage areas and there are usually special guidelines regarding making changes to your home if you live in such an area.

In many cases, you’ll be restricted to just a few roof colour choices. We can help you find those options if you live in a heritage neighbourhood.


As mentioned above, you will want to match your roof colour to the exterior of your home.

Consider the colour of your siding, the brick, your shutters, your door and anything else on the outside of your house.

You want the roof colour to blend in, not stand out in a garish way.

Use paint samples or our online paint previewer to see how certain colours will look on your roof, when matched with everything else on the house.

Things to avoid

We suggest staying away from very bright or stark colours if you live in a tree-lined area or a space with a lot of foliage.

Choosing a muted earth colour enables your home to blend in with the surroundings and create a soothing colour palette.

In these areas, bright colours will not look that good. Likewise, if your neighbourhood is one that sees a lot of neutral colours, your home will stand out (and not in a good way) if you choose a colour that is the opposite.

When you’re ready to choose a paint colour for your roof, call Homestyle Roof Painters.

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Do You Need Affordable Roof Restoration?

Do You Need Affordable Roof Restoration?

Everyone loves a good bargain, but if it seems much too good to be true it usually is.

A cheap roof restoration quote does not necessarily mean quality and you should always check you are dealing with a reputable company.

Of course, there are great roofing restorers, which offer affordable roof restorations without skimping on quality, but do your research before agreeing to anything.

What Does Roof Restoration Entail?

At Homestyle Roof Painters, keeping our customers happy is our biggest concern.

That is why we guarantee you thorough, hassle-free and affordable roof restorations.

We encourage you to view our picture gallery of past work, so you can decide for yourself.

Here is a breakdown of the roof restoration process and what you can expect from us:

Inspect and Clean

Roofing specialists will first inspect your roof’s condition and prepare the quote for the restoration.

When you agree to our quote, the team gets to work.

Firstly, the roof is prepared for a thorough clean using specialised pressure washing equipment to treat the whole area, including solar panels, skylights and whirlybirds.

Waste water from cleaning is eco-friendly and does not pollute your local sewerage system.

Repair and Replacement

If the ridges on your roof are loose or cracked, which often occurs over time and exposure to the elements, they will need rebedding.

All re-bedded ridge caps are then replaced or repointed with Flexi Point (a pre-mixed, pre-coloured, flexible pointing compound).

This is to ensure ridge stability and to also improve the aesthetics of your roof.

After re-bedding and repointing, the roof is sealed using a solvent based product.

This will completely seal the tiles and add additional protection, thereby extending the life of your roof.

This is especially important in the Brisbane climate, which can see extremes in weather at certain times of the year.

The roof is now prepared for a roof coating, using Acryloc surface bonding systems and Acryloc roof membrane surface coats.

Specially colour-matched paint is finally applied with the latest Graco Paint machine for a super-even finish.

Affordable roof restorations that are of high-quality are not impossible to find.

Homestyle Roof Painters has built a solid reputation in Brisbane roofing renovations by our first-class workmanship and exceptional work ethic.

Our team never cuts corners and we ensure we have the best possible finish.

At Homestyle Roof Painters, we have over 35 years’ industry experience, a high level of professionalism and friendly staff at our disposal.

Call us today on 07 5495 2200 to discuss your roof, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Refresh Your Home with Tile Roof Restoration

Refresh Your Home with Tile Roof Restoration

Your roof is the most protective component of your home.

It shields your family from external elements such as rain, wind, storms and hail stones, as well as the flying debris that gets tossed about during tropical cyclone season.

With all the carnages your roof experiences, it is expected to suffer damages more frequently than the rest of your home.

If you have a clay tile roof, you can benefit from a tile roof restoration. Although clay is durable, it can still crack and become damaged.

Proper maintenance and an eventual restoration are two crucial steps to keep your roof in good condition.

Here are a few things to consider if you have decided to undertake roof restoration for your clay tile roof:

Locate the Source of Trouble

Tiles that creak or a roof that leaks are definite reasons for a tile roof restoration.

Even though clay tiles are strong, constant exposure to the elements and lack of maintenance can reduce its longevity.

Make it a habit to inspect your roof and familiarise yourself with the signs of roof damage.

Nipping a minor, fixable issue in the bud can prevent costlier disasters in the future.

Restore with Care

After you detect the problem, it is time to get it fixed. A few broken clay tiles do not mean you need to replace your entire roof.

Although you might be able to change the defective tiles on your own, you need to be careful not to cause further damage to the other surrounding ones.

You should also exercise caution when standing on your roof. Instead, call our roofing specialists at Homestyle Roof Painters.

We can offer you an affordable alternative to roof replacements.

We will restore your broken or missing clay tiles.

If you wish, we can also polish or paint them to enhance their appearance and reinforce their durability.

Carefully Match the Tiles

During a tile roof restoration, it is important to match the replacement tiles to the rest.

Besides maintaining a uniform appearance, different tiles have different textures and fitting procedures, so it is important to find the right ones.

A professional will ensure they have the right material before they get to work.

If you are having trouble sourcing the right tiles, call Homestyle Roof Painters. We are able to source the tiles you need.

If you want to renew your clay tile roof with a roof restoration, get in touch with us by calling us on (07) 5495 2200.

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Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair?


Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair?

Homeowners in South East Queensland are all too familiar with the seasonal thunderstorms in the spring and summer months.

Brisbane also lies in the Tropical Cyclone risk area and, although cyclones are rare, the ones that hit are known to cause tremendous damage.

Torn roofs and felled trees are a common occurrence.

Even the strongest metal roof is no match for a severe hail storm.

As a homeowner, it is important to know what to do in the event a tree has fallen, otherwise you have storm damage that will ultimately require emergency roof repair.

A roof that is damaged is at the mercy of dangerous elements, such as torrential rain and strong winds.

Any repair work should be done before further rain arrives. Failing to do so could result in structural damage to the rest of the house, therefore incurring higher costs.

Inspect Your Roof

As a general rule, it is important to check your roof at least once a year, especially if you have experienced severe storms or hail in recent times.

Regardless of the type of roof, it is still exposed to the elements and if it remains unchecked, you could be overlooking small problems that could get out of hand quickly.

Inspect your roof, make note of any obvious signs of damage and contact Homestyle Roof Painters right away for emergency roof repair.

Our experts will fully assess your roof’s condition and carry out the necessary repairs.

Do a Preliminary Check

Start indoors and check your ceilings and walls for signs of water damage. Mould, discolouration, or blistered surfaces are tell-tale signs of leaks.

Go outdoors and check the surface of the ground that is under your roof.

Signs of broken or crumbling tiles indicate your roof has damaged tiles which makes it vulnerable to leaks.

Walk around the perimeter of your property and examine the shape of your roof.

A saggy or misshapen roof can indicate problems with the supporting roof structure.

Get Emergency Roof Repair

If you notice any of the above signs of roof damage or you are not sure how to inspect your roof on your own, get in touch with our roofing specialists.

The team at Homestyle Roof Painters has the experience and tools to repair and reinforce a storm damaged roof.

The important thing is to not delay and face another wet season unprotected.

Call 07 5495 2200 and the experienced roof repairers at Homestyle Roof Painters will get your roof in tip top shape in no time.

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Are You Looking For Affordable Roofing Experts in Brisbane?

Looking for an Experienced Roof Painter?

There are many types of roofing available and each requires its own individual approach when it comes to refurbishing treatments.

Metal is one of the strongest materials for roofs but it also requires care and maintenance to be long-lasting.

Metal roofing – unless it is powder coated – is susceptible to rusting, breakage, leakage, and even denting from hail stones or flying debris.

Our company specialises in painting and roof repair on the Sunshine Coast and our team can carefully inspect and restore your metal roof to its former condition.

Bring it to Life

When it comes to painting your metal roofing, care and attention to detail are imperative.

If you want the best roof repair on the Sunshine Coast for roof repair, then leave the work to the professionals.

Leaving the work in the hands of a novice or attempting DIY can leave your roof worse off.

Here are some common mistakes when it comes to treating a metal roof.

Using Leftover Paint

Metal roofing is made from different materials, including copper, zinc, aluminium, steel or tin, all of which require special treatment.

Using leftover paint from other parts of your house, such as wood, dry wall or fibreglass paints, will not properly cover and protect metal.

At Homestyle Roof Painters, we use premium Acryloc Primers and Acryloc Roof Membrane paints.

These special metal paints include features such as heat-reflective and weather-resistant capabilities.

Thanks to their formulations, you will get a fantastic finish that will also protect the metal.

Not Using a Sealant

Before the paint is applied, your roof must be properly sealed using a product designed for metal roofs.

Sealants add life to your roof and act as a bond to help paint adhere properly.

Skipping this step will result in the paint peeling off the metal, which will cause further damage with time.

Wrong Application Methods

Our skilled painters have a great deal of experience in roof painting and roof repair on the Sunshine Coast.

We utilise only the best painting tools and techniques to deliver a flawless finish.

If a DIY job goes wrong because the paint has not been applied properly, we will come and assess the damage.

Save yourself the headache and call us whenever you feel your roof needs an uplift.  

Our roofing experts at Homestyle Roof Painters have more than 35 years of industry experience and skill to properly treat and renew your metal roof.

Give us a ring on (07) 5495 2200 or fill in our contact form to get a quote.

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How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

If you have learned about all the great benefits of a roof restoration and have decided to get started, you might be wondering how long the restoration process will take and how soon you can get back to your regular routine.

It is a common question that customers who obtain roof restorations on the Sunshine Coast tend to ask. After all, this is a big project that could disrupt your life for several days.

Everyone’s roof is difference and an inspection is required to decide what needs to be done and estimate how long the work will take.

A roof restoration is ultimately influenced by a range of factors, including the weather.

The climate you live in can affect how long it takes to complete the restoration project.

Homestyle Roof Painters can provide an estimate of how long a project may take, however, we cannot always guarantee a specific timeframe.

Most projects take approximately 2 to 3 days, weather permitting.

What we can guarantee is that our qualified team will ensure that there is no disruption to your day-to-day life.

The Process of Roof Restoration on the Sunshine Coast

A full roof restoration consists of a series of processes.

Our specialists initially inspect your roof, followed by a thorough clean to remove dirt and grime.

At this point, we wash all parts of your roof, including solar panels, skylights and whirlybirds.

Next, the degraded bedding is carefully removed and changed for new materials.

We then substitute and re-point tiles using modern materials such as Flexi Point.

Cracked, chipped, or broken tiles will also be replaced. Following this, we prepare your roof for sealing and painting using Acryloc surface bonding systems and Acryloc Roof Membrane surface coats.

Paint is applied using the latest Graco Paint machine for a super-even finish.

Our aim is to leave you with a roof that is revived to its former glory.

How Long Will My Roof Restoration Last?

The average full roof restoration has an expected lifespan of approximately 15 to 20 years.

This time frame is when the job is performed with the right preparation by a qualified tradesperson,

However, this is subject to sunlight (UV) conditions, coating colour choice, and mould or mildew growth.

The work that we carry out on your roof is covered by a 12-month warranty on workmanship and a 10-year guarantee on our roof coatings.

Call Homestyle Roof Painters or fill in our contact form to find out more.

How Long Does A Roof Restoration Take?

  • A roof restoration takes approximately 2 to 3 days.
  • Our qualified team will ensure that there is no disruption to your day-to-day life. 
  • This is dependable on  weather and the amount of work involved in the process.