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Do You Need Affordable Roof Restoration?

Everyone loves a good bargain, but if it seems much too good to be true it usually is.

A cheap roof restoration quote does not necessarily mean quality and you should always check you are dealing with a reputable company.

Of course, there are great roofing restorers, which offer affordable roof restorations without skimping on quality, but do your research before agreeing to anything.

What Does Roof Restoration Entail?

At Homestyle Roof Painters, keeping our customers happy is our biggest concern.

That is why we guarantee you thorough, hassle-free and affordable roof restorations.

We encourage you to view our picture gallery of past work, so you can decide for yourself.

Here is a breakdown of the roof restoration process and what you can expect from us:

Inspect and Clean

Roofing specialists will first inspect your roof’s condition and prepare the quote for the restoration.

When you agree to our quote, the team gets to work.

Firstly, the roof is prepared for a thorough clean using specialised pressure washing equipment to treat the whole area, including solar panels, skylights and whirlybirds.

Waste water from cleaning is eco-friendly and does not pollute your local sewerage system.

Repair and Replacement

If the ridges on your roof are loose or cracked, which often occurs over time and exposure to the elements, they will need rebedding.

All re-bedded ridge caps are then replaced or repointed with Flexi Point (a pre-mixed, pre-coloured, flexible pointing compound).

This is to ensure ridge stability and to also improve the aesthetics of your roof.

After re-bedding and repointing, the roof is sealed using a solvent based product.

This will completely seal the tiles and add additional protection, thereby extending the life of your roof.

This is especially important in the Brisbane climate, which can see extremes in weather at certain times of the year.

The roof is now prepared for a roof coating, using Acryloc surface bonding systems and Acryloc roof membrane surface coats.

Specially colour-matched paint is finally applied with the latest Graco Paint machine for a super-even finish.

Affordable roof restorations that are of high-quality are not impossible to find.

Homestyle Roof Painters has built a solid reputation in Brisbane roofing renovations by our first-class workmanship and exceptional work ethic.

Our team never cuts corners and we ensure we have the best possible finish.

At Homestyle Roof Painters, we have over 35 years’ industry experience, a high level of professionalism and friendly staff at our disposal.

Call us today on 07 5495 2200 to discuss your roof, we look forward to hearing from you.

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