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Refresh Your Home with Tile Roof Restoration

Your roof is the most protective component of your home.

It shields your family from external elements such as rain, wind, storms and hail stones, as well as the flying debris that gets tossed about during tropical cyclone season.

With all the carnages your roof experiences, it is expected to suffer damages more frequently than the rest of your home.

If you have a clay tile roof, you can benefit from a tile roof restoration. Although clay is durable, it can still crack and become damaged.

Proper maintenance and an eventual restoration are two crucial steps to keep your roof in good condition.

Here are a few things to consider if you have decided to undertake roof restoration for your clay tile roof:

Locate the Source of Trouble

Tiles that creak or a roof that leaks are definite reasons for a tile roof restoration.

Even though clay tiles are strong, constant exposure to the elements and lack of maintenance can reduce its longevity.

Make it a habit to inspect your roof and familiarise yourself with the signs of roof damage.

Nipping a minor, fixable issue in the bud can prevent costlier disasters in the future.

Restore with Care

After you detect the problem, it is time to get it fixed. A few broken clay tiles do not mean you need to replace your entire roof.

Although you might be able to change the defective tiles on your own, you need to be careful not to cause further damage to the other surrounding ones.

You should also exercise caution when standing on your roof. Instead, call our roofing specialists at Homestyle Roof Painters.

We can offer you an affordable alternative to roof replacements.

We will restore your broken or missing clay tiles.

If you wish, we can also polish or paint them to enhance their appearance and reinforce their durability.

Carefully Match the Tiles

During a tile roof restoration, it is important to match the replacement tiles to the rest.

Besides maintaining a uniform appearance, different tiles have different textures and fitting procedures, so it is important to find the right ones.

A professional will ensure they have the right material before they get to work.

If you are having trouble sourcing the right tiles, call Homestyle Roof Painters. We are able to source the tiles you need.

If you want to renew your clay tile roof with a roof restoration, get in touch with us by calling us on (07) 5495 2200.

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