Add Property Value with Roof Painting

Whether you plan to sell your house in the near future or not, it always pays to pay attention to the property value of your home.

That way when and if you do choose to sell, you can get the most money for it. One great way to increase the overall value of your house is to paint the roof.

There are many benefits to roof painting on the Sunshine Coast and the experts at Homestyle Roof Painters can help you get the job done right. Here’s why it works.

Improve Kerb Appeal

One thing that really helps to sell houses is the way your home looks on the outside.

Painting the roof is a less costly way to transform the exterior of your house without having to pay to replace the entire roof.

You can give your home a lighter and brighter look and make it appear fresh and new with a simple coat of paint and our roof painters can do a great job to help you.

Reduce Energy Consumption

A painted roof acts as a bit of extra insulation for your home, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your energy bills.

The Colourbond paint we use helps hold the warm air in during the winter and the cool air in during the heat of the summer.

This is a great selling point as all homeowners want to lower their monthly bills and save money.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Energy experts say that painting your roof is good for the environment because lowers energy usage, but also because it reduces your carbon emissions.

In this day and age, many potential home buyers want a house that costs less and is a healthy choice for the community.

When we paint your roof, you are doing your part for the environment and that always feels good.

Protects Your House

When we paint your roof it also helps protect your home by eliminating moss and lichen growth, which sometimes occurs in places that don’t get a lot of sun.

This helps prolong the lifespan of your roof and ensures that you don’t have to replace it more often than is necessary.

It also protects against cracks and holes in the roof that need to be repaired before they cause further issues.

Contact Homestyle Roof Painters today for more information and help with painting your roof and improving your home value.

You can also use our special free online paint previewer to see how your home would look.

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Adding Value To Your Home With Roof Painting

At Homestyle Roof Painters, we’ve been responsible for a huge proportion of the quality roof painting Sunshine Coast property owners have been enjoying over the years. These are property owners who can vouch for the benefits. There are many pluses to painting your roof. But after the obvious benefit of improved kerbside appeal, the biggest plus is it’s a great way to add value to your home.

You’ll get a good idea of the return on your investment as soon as you receive our free inspection and quote.

Visual appeal

When you choose Homestyle Roof Painters to give your roof a fresh coat of paint, your property will undergo a very noticeable facelift. And while its appearance is being rejuvenated, your neighbours will look on in wonder, knowing your property is instantly becoming more attractive to potential buyers.

Your home’s exterior is a major factor in considering its value. A tired looking roof is not going in your favour when the lending institution does its property valuation.

For the best return on your investment, make sure the colour you choose blends with your home’s exterior as well as its surroundings. Our experts can help you choose the precise shade for your roof but you can also use our paint previewer.  

Energy saver

If you choose a light roof paint colour, it can help keep the inside of your home cooler. By deflecting some of the sun’s intensity during summer, you can also save money on your energy bills. As well as making sure the job of roof painting is done correctly, our expertly trained roofers will gladly help you choose the right roof paint for your home. 

Longer life

Prolonging the lifespan of your roof is another important reason for painting it—that coat of paint will save you money, especially compared to the cost of investing in an entirely new roof. Either option will attract buyers, but there’s no point over-capitalising on your home when your plan is to sell it.


New roof paint will add a layer of waterproofing to your roof, placing it in better shape to help slow the degradation of roof tiles and prevent damage from leaks. It’s a cost-effective measure that protects your home from the elements and the costly problems they might otherwise cause.

When your roof is in good shape, its ability to protect the rest of your house not only gives you peace of mind as the homeowner, it also offers assurances to potential buyers when you plan to sell. 

For absolutely all your roof painting needs on the Sunshine Coast, your go-to experts are Homestyle Roof Painters.

The Benefits Of Repainting Your Roof

Painting your roof serves many purposes.

It’s a newer property trend that has several benefits for your home or business and as experts in roof painting Brisbane, our staff here at Homestyle Roof Painters are trained to use the latest materials and techniques.

If you’ve never considered painting your roof, this list of benefits should help you see why it’s such a great choice.

Lowers energy use

Roof painting started out as a cosmetic treatment to give a home or business a visual appeal that can be lacking with traditional roofing materials.

However, many people who made the choice began to notice that our Colorbond paint helped reduce their energy usage.

This isn’t true of all colours, but light ones, especially white, can help reflect up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays, reducing your expenditure on cooling your home.

Improves air quality

Our roofing experts also say that a painted roof can help lower the toxins in the atmosphere and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Some experts say that painting your roof white is equivalent to taking one car off the road for 11 years.

If you want a pleasing look, but also want one that’s eco-friendly, white roof paint is definitely a choice you should make.

This is one of the benefits that we always want homeowners to hear about when they’re considering roof painting in Brisbane.

Cools the building

As mentioned above, our white or other light shades of Colorbond roof paint helps reflect the sun’s rays, which is great for cooling your home or business during the hottest parts of the year.

By deflecting the sun from the top of the building, you keep it from getting hotter inside and that cuts back on your cooling needs, while also creating a comfortable environment for work and play.

Visual appeal

Painting your roof might be great for your energy use and the environment, but it’s no secret that it also looks good.

A white roof is visually appealing and gives your home or business and clean, crisp look that looks great with whatever colour of exterior paint or finish your home or building has.

A light-coloured roof can be colour matched to your existing home colour, whether your property is brick, rendered or timber.

Let us professionally paint your roof and you’ll love the kerb appeal that it offers as much as you love saving money on your energy bills and the good feeling it gives you to do something great for the environment.

Our paint previewer is a great way to gain an idea of how fabulous your roof will look when you choose Homestyle Roof Painters for all your roofing needs in Brisbane.

Call Homestyle Roof Painters today for all your roofing needs.

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Are You Looking For Affordable Roofing Experts in Brisbane?

Your roof – along with your walls – is part of the biggest components of your home.

The roof offers protection from external elements and plays a huge role in other areas, such as insulation and keeping your home cool.

However, wear and tear from age and weather can deteriorate your roof’s condition, at which point you will need to restore it.

Roof restoration in Brisbane is a process where your roof is repaired and upgraded, so as to stop or slow down damage.

This service is usually more cost-effective and quicker than building a full replacement.

What Is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration encompasses the process of cleaning, repairing and re-coating all types of roofs, including tiled, concrete or metal.

Restorations are particularly beneficial if your roof needs rejuvenating.

The process can preserve the life of your roof and it is a more affordable alternative to a complete replacement.

If you are worried about your budget and that is keeping you from calling a team of roofing specialists, you might want to consider a restoration.

Roof Restoration in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Caboolture

Homestyle Roof Painters is a family-owned and operated business with over 35 years in the industry.

We offer roof painting and roof restoration services.

If your roof is looking dull and needs refreshing, or your tile roof needs replacing, we can provide you with an effective solution to get your roof looking great again.

If you want an economical treatment, we highly recommend booking a roof restoration.

This process saves resources and time.

However, you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Our team of experts can leave your roof looking as good as new.

Do I Need a Roof Restoration?

Take a good look at your roof. Is it leaking? Do you see water stains in your interior walls?

Are the tiles cracked and are you finding chunks of them on the ground? Is your roof structure looking warped or misshapen?

Or does your roof just look old and dull?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need our Brisbane roof restoration service to save your roof before it becomes a very expensive problem.

No Salespeople, Only Qualified Tradespeople

The aim of our company is to make your experience with us as simple and hassle-free as possible.

We provide quality roof painting, maintenance and roofing restoration services at affordable prices. Contact Homestyle Roof Painters for a free, no-obligation quote.

You can call us on 07 5628 0238 or email us.

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What Are Whirly Birds & What Are The Benefits

Whirly birds or ‘turbine vents’ are a type of semi-mechanical vent that can be installed on the roof of your house to help remove heat from the ceiling cavity.

These ventilation systems are known for being stable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Like other parts of your roof, whirly birds become dirty and need to be regularly maintained in order to continue to work efficiently.

If you are thinking about installing this type of system but are worried about how it will affect your roof, you will be glad to know that we provide roof restoration on the Sunshine Coast.

We will thoroughly clean all parts of your roof before working on it. This includes whirly birds, solar panels and skylights.

Whirly birds can provide many benefits to your home, but it is important to look after them. Here are a few reasons why.


Whirly birds operate in a very simple way. They intake air and push it into your house and do the same by dragging air out.

Compared to other cooling and ventilation systems, whirly birds are an easy system to use and maintain.

As part of roof restorations on the Sunshine Coast, Homestyle Roof Painters can clean and maintain your whirly birds so that they keep on performing at their best.


Besides being great for the environment, green products also add to your overall experience.

Unlike other systems, whirly birds work 24/7 without emitting toxic gases or chemicals as by-products, which make them eco-friendly and safe for use.

They also prevent rainwater from seeping into your home.


This goes hand-in-hand with the above mentioned benefit. Since whirly birds require no strong powers to run, you will end up saving money on your energy bills.

High power bills are common in the summer months when everyone cranks up their air conditioning units.

However, a whirly bird can complement your existing cooling system to save you money.  


If you are looking for services such as whirly bird installation or roof restoration on the Sunshine Coast, it does not matter the size or type of roof you own.

Thanks to simple installation techniques, everyone can have a whirly bird in their home.

However, it is recommended that you get your whirly bird ventilators installed by a licensed professional.

Homestyle Roof Painters will be there to help keep your roof and whirly birds looking their best.

Contact us today by filling out our form or call us at 07 5495 2200.

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