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What Are Whirly Birds & What Are The Benefits

Whirly birds or ‘turbine vents’ are a type of semi-mechanical vent that can be installed on the roof of your house to help remove heat from the ceiling cavity.

These ventilation systems are known for being stable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Like other parts of your roof, whirly birds become dirty and need to be regularly maintained in order to continue to work efficiently.

If you are thinking about installing this type of system but are worried about how it will affect your roof, you will be glad to know that we provide roof restoration on the Sunshine Coast.

We will thoroughly clean all parts of your roof before working on it. This includes whirly birds, solar panels and skylights.

Whirly birds can provide many benefits to your home, but it is important to look after them. Here are a few reasons why.


Whirly birds operate in a very simple way. They intake air and push it into your house and do the same by dragging air out.

Compared to other cooling and ventilation systems, whirly birds are an easy system to use and maintain.

As part of roof restorations on the Sunshine Coast, Homestyle Roof Painters can clean and maintain your whirly birds so that they keep on performing at their best.


Besides being great for the environment, green products also add to your overall experience.

Unlike other systems, whirly birds work 24/7 without emitting toxic gases or chemicals as by-products, which make them eco-friendly and safe for use.

They also prevent rainwater from seeping into your home.


This goes hand-in-hand with the above mentioned benefit. Since they require no strong power to run, you will end up saving money on your energy bills.

High power bills are common in the summer months when everyone cranks up their air conditioning units.

However, a whirly bird can complement your existing cooling system to save you money.  


If you are looking for services such as whirly bird installation or roof restoration on the Sunshine Coast, it does not matter the size or type of roof you own.

Thanks to simple installation techniques, everyone can have a whirly bird in their home.

However, it is recommended that you get your whirly bird ventilators installed by a licensed professional.

Homestyle Roof Painters will be there to help keep your roof and whirly birds looking their best.

Contact us today by filling out our form or call us at 07 5495 2200.

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