What Do Good Roofing Contractors Check?

Inspecting a roof should be a thorough process.

This is one of the most important parts of a building and any damage can affect other parts of the structure.

Leaks and mould can turn into huge issues that could lead to lengthy repairs.

When hiring roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast, they must carefully inspect the area where the work will be carried out.

You might have contacted them for a particular concern but there could be other underlying problems.

If they go undetected, they could cause a lot of damage before they are spotted.

Here is a summary of what the team at Home Roof Painters looks for.

Leaks and Flashing

Any signs of water damage are often an indicator of leaks on the roof. Another possibility is that the gutters could be clogged and not draining properly. If your roof has suffered under extreme weather, some tiles might have blown away. This gives water extra room to seep in and cause damage. Your roof should also have a leak barrier of at least 1 metre, which should be designed to repel water. When it is made form improper materials, it can cause leaks.


Constant contact with water can cause mould and rot to appear.

Unfortunately, it is easy for them to spread and affect other areas of the house.

Tackling these issues early on is the best way to defeat them. The team at Home Roof Painters can tackle these issues straightaway.

Roofing Structure

Some structural problems can very obvious, the roof can be sagging or perhaps you can see light coming through the roof.

In these cases, you need to call roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast immediately.

This type of damage is very serious and could compromise the structure of the building.

All the external components should be inspected, and any missing or damaged parts repaired.

Failure to do so can result in problems with the underlayment, sheathing and joists down the line.

Shingles and Gutters

The Homestyle Roof Painters team will check that there are no loose or missing shingles.

If some of them are rotting or have algae growth, they might need to be replaced.

The gutters can also help you determine if the shingles have reached the end of their life.

If the gutters have excessive quantities of shingle granules, that could mean that they have been through enough.

Engaging roofing contractors on the Sunshine Coast can be a difficult task.

That is why Homestyle Roof Painters offers a written report as well as a no-obligation quote.

Call us on 07 5495 2200 or visit our website and read what others have said.

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