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Why Choose Grey for Your Roof Colour?

When you think of your roof, you might not immediately think of the paint colour. However, the colour of your roof can make a big impact, so discover why a colour like grey is so ideal for your metal roof.

Grey easily blends in

Are you thrown off by the effect that a dramatic paint colour puts off? If you dislike the flare of red or the uniqueness of green, grey is a colour that will not stand out. Whether you simply want to have a roof like many of your neighbours’ or desire a simple roof, grey is a great colour that will provide an appealing roof without being the focus of every passer-by.

Grey provides a consistent theme

Do you want your roof to tie everything together? Perhaps you have a carefully chosen range of browns, blacks or other greys for your entire home. A roof is literally the top of your home, so let it act as the finishing touch for your overall home décor theme. And grey is perfect at that.

Due to its neutrality and ability to blend with other colours, grey is able to help to maintain a consistent colour scheme. You can enjoy a home that does not clash with itself.

Grey comes in different shades

Do you think grey only comes in one hue? Think again. Like every colour, grey comes in different shades, from lighter slate grey to dramatic charcoal grey. This allows you to play with the shades to discover what tone best suits your home. You do not have to settle for a less appealing grey that does not quite match what you want. Instead, you can enjoy the perfect tone that meets your design preferences and home décor.

Grey looks good on any home

No matter what type of home you have, grey is a great style for modern or traditional homes.

Live in a home that has a lot of history? A grey colour is great for mimicking the roofs of yesteryear, bringing to mind the slate roofs older homes sometimes had. Grey also goes well with other traditional materials, like brick red, light tan or warm brown.

Perhaps you enjoy a home that boasts everything modern life has to offer. Grey is still a good choice. Say you want to emphasise a minimalist lifestyle or have an industrial look for your home. Grey is good for both of these more modern trends.

Grey is versatile

A grey roof can be whatever you envision it to be. Whether you want to pair it as a contrast against a more vivid black or red, blend it with white or brown or have it be the centrepiece of your home’s décor, it can work well. That way, you can mix and match colour schemes until you achieve the look you want.

Grey is timeless

Unsure that your roof will be in fashion a few years or decades from now? If so, then choose grey. Grey has been a popular roof colour for much of history, so its appeal is unlikely to fade away, even as time marches on. Your home will not stick out for its outdated look just a decade from now.

Grey is available for your roof

If you want to see what grey paint colours are available for your home, then Homestyle Roof Painters can help. We help homeowners throughout North Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast have great-looking roofs, no matter what colour they choose. Contact us today to learn more about our roof painting process. We will be happy to go over any questions or concerns you have. 

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