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6 Must-Know Tips for Roof Maintenance

The roof is an essential part of your home that you pay a high price to install. A poorly maintained roof can lead to costly problems that may cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Therefore, properly maintaining your home’s roof is crucial for your property’s long-term health.

You have a lot to consider with roof maintenance. Read on to learn about some tips for maintaining a roof that will give you years of service up to its expected lifespan.

1. Get Rid of Branches Around Your Home

If any branches are hanging around your home, your roof is at risk of being damaged. Branches can end up flying on your roof during harsh winds or storms and damage it. Therefore, get rid of branches hanging around your home to protect your roof from damage.

2. Inspect Your Roof Tiles

While your roof tiles constantly work to keep your roof together, they get exposed to damaging elements. Eventually, they may begin to slide down or ger cracks and breaks due to extreme weather conditions. Damaged tiles may be hard to notice as they are high up on the roof.

By checking over your tiles, you will be able to notice damaged tiles and repair or replace them before the damage gets worse or causes water ingress. 

3. Clean Up Leaves and Debris

Make sure you regularly clean up leaves, debris, or branches from on your roof. Doing so will not only keep your roof protected from potential structural damage but also keep it appealing. Use a leaf blower or a broom to tidy up your roof.

4. Clean Your Gutters

Regularly clean out your gutters from dirt and debris. Debris could be anything from small objects, dirt, leaves, and branches. Debris can clog the gutters and prevent water from flowing through, putting your roof foundation at risk of water damage.

If maintained in good condition, your gutters divert water and debris from your roof, protecting your roof foundation from moisture. Therefore, clean your gutters at least twice a year – more if you live around a lot of trees.

5. Check for Leak Marks

Pay attention to leak marks when inspecting your ceiling. These marks can be an indication of a leaking roof. Examples of leak marks to check out for include mould growing on exterior walls and water stains on ceilings and walls.

Therefore, regularly check your indoor/outdoor ceilings and exterior walls for leak marks, especially when it’s raining. Leak marks are the first signs of a damaged roof, and you should make repairs quickly before they worsen.

6. Eliminate Unwanted Algae and Moss

The growth of algae and moss on your roof is unappealing and can cause damage over a long period of time. The presence of algae and moss indicates high levels of moisture which can degrade your roof. You can prevent algae and moss from growing on your roof by cleaning it regularly and ensuring proper ventilation in your roof cavity to reduce moisture.

If your roof already has algae and moss, you can destroy them and prevent spreading by cleaning your roof with a specialised cleaning solution.

A regular roof inspection is the only way to ensure that your investment in a new roof meets your long-term goals. The roof should be checked at least twice a year, preferably in  spring and autumn. Therefore, having a professional inspect your roof regularly is highly recommended, even if you don’t think anything’s wrong.

A professional roof inspection helps you identify current problems, make necessary repairs, and point out ways to prevent future problems. Therefore, if you need a professional roof inspection, don’t hesitate to contact Homestyle Roof Painters. In case you need any repairs, Homestyle Roof Painters will do their best to keep your roof in optimal shape for years to come.

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