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The Benefits of Whirlybirds in Australia’s Varied Climate Conditions

Whirlybirds are not only aesthetically pleasing on a roof but also have the ability to help combat Australia’s varied climate conditions and increase ventilation within your roofing cavity.

Whirlybirds are best placed at the highest point/s of your roof to encourage hot air within the roofing cavity to escape, but also encourage a vented flow of air within the roofing cavity to help prevent mould and moisture build up in wet weather.

By encouraging ventilation within the roofing cavity, the properties internal climate will also regulate better which helps with heating and cooling functions and running costs of the home.

 Existing whirlybirds, if old or not installed correctly, can often seize or become unbalanced and noisy over time however existing whirlybirds in this state can be replaced by a professional roofing crew.

Our repair crews at Homestyle Roof Painters are highly qualified and can replace or install whirlybirds when we complete the repairs on your roof. Whirlybirds can be painted to suit your roof colour or supplied in Zinc which matches any existing roof colour, if this is preferred.

Please call or email the team today to arrange a free, no obligation assessment of your roof and remember to ask our assessor about whirlybirds with your roofing works. / 07 5495 2200

Whirlybird Install ‘Jasper’, Taigum
Works in Progress and After Photos – Prior painted whirlybird Install ‘Deep Ocean’, Albany Creek
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