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What to Expect When You Ask a Professional to Paint Your Roof

If your roof is structurally sound and within its expected lifespan but looks drab, repainting it can be an effective way to make it look new again.

While you may tackle the project yourself, it is best left to a professional. Professional roof painters recognise that great caution, attention to detail and the right products are essential to painting your roof correctly. That is why they do everything they reasonably can to achieve great results. 

Here is what to expect when you hire a professional roof painter to refresh the look of your shabby roof. 

Roof inspection

The first step of any roof painting process is inspecting the entire roof. A thorough roof inspection is essential to find problems that may require repairs before the paint job can start.

Some common problems that they may look for include: 

  • Deteriorated roof flashing
  • Broken, chipped or missing tiles
  • Cracked, loose or missing ridge cap pointing and bedding
  • Decaying timber work
  • Rusted or loose screws
  • Perished silicone or decktights
  • Rusted tin sheets

Upon completion of the roof inspection, your roofer will prepare a detailed written report to reveal the general condition of your roof and recommend any repairs needed before work can commence.

Roof cleaning

If there are no roof repair issues to address, your roofer will clean your roof. Roof cleaning is essential to remove any loose paint and the dust, gunk and grime that accumulates on your roof over time. 

The surface dirt will affect the application and durability of the paint if not removed.

Application of paint primer

Roof painters use a primer to ensure proper paint adhesion. When applied to roof surfaces, primer forms a layer that receives paint better than the substrate material. When the paint is applied, it achieves a smooth and uniform finish that retains its colour well and sticks for an extended duration, providing maximum protection against the outside elements.

The primer coat of paint doubles as a sealer and undercoat for the subsequent coats of paint.

Paint selection and application

Not all roofing paints are created equal. They are available in various formulations and colours to suit different applications. Before choosing a particular paint type and colour for your roofing project, your roofer will confirm that it’s the right one for your project requirements.

Professional roof painters have paint colour charts you can use to determine the best paint colour for your roof. When selecting your paint, look for a product that not only suits your house style and home maintenance needs but also matches your energy goals.

For example, darker roofs generally absorb more solar radiation than brighter roofs, making them ideal for homes in colder climates. On the other hand, light-coloured roofs deflect solar heat away from homes, making them suitable for homes in hotter regions.

After paint selection, paint is mixed and applied to the surface of your roof. Professional roof painters use advanced painting techniques and equipment to achieve a super-even and attractive finish that will leave people staring at your roof in awe.

Site cleanup

Painting can be a messy job. Even though roof painting professionals know how to minimise the mess, a little paint spill or splatter here and there is inevitable. Upon completion of the paint application, your roofer will clean up the worksite to leave it looking nice and tidy.

A fresh lick of paint will give your roof a refreshed look and can also increase its lifespan, depending on the paint you use. When you get your roof painted by Homestyle Roof Painters, you can be sure of getting quality results that will last for many years. Plus, we offer a full warranty on our workmanship for your peace of mind.

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