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Common Problems of Metal Roofs

A metal roof can be a quality roofing material, but every roof material has its mishaps. If you have a metal roof, know what problems you might need to expect. That way, you can be better able to deal with them if they come up in the future.


Metal can sometimes scratch, often due to the elements or foot traffic. This is mainly because most metal roofs have paint layers that might not hold up well against the things that scratch them.

If your metal roof starts showing scratches, it could be a good time to consider getting the roof painted.

Additionally, you can also prevent this problem by limiting the number of people on your roof and investing in paint systems that hold up well against the elements.


Have you spotted some potential corrosion? Don’t just ignore the problem. Some metal roofs are prone to corrosion, especially if you mix and match metals, have bad edging or are attached to coastal homes with lots of exposure to salty air. While you can largely protect your metal roof from this problem due to durable paint or coatings, it can still happen.

The best way to prevent corrosion is to install superior metals with durable accessories. A reliable metal roof company can help you install a roof successfully so you don’t have to worry about this issue. Routine inspections and maintenance can also help a roof’s ability to avoid corrosion.

However, corrosion might happen eventually. If your roof starts to show signs, then get in touch with a roof repair company immediately. They can often repair or replace small amounts of corrosion. Too much corrosion might necessitate a complete roof replacement.

Faded paint

With metal usually having paint systems that protect them against the elements, they can sometimes experience paint fading. This is often due to continual sunlight or water exposure. The paint will start to lose its lustre and colour and eventually become lighter. This could happen to specific parts of the roof or the roof as a whole.

However, you don’t have to deal with faded paint on your metal roof forever. Instead, invest in a reputable company that provides warranties for roof painting. You’ll be able to enjoy superior protection and improved aesthetics with the same amount of quality your paint initially had.

Oil canning

Oil canning is a problem that many roofs of all metal types experience. Most metal roofs are meant to look and stay flat, but if you notice ripples or waves in your previously flat metal roof, then you likely have an oil canning problem.

This is something that is better to prevent. While choosing a reputable roofing contractor is a must, you can also employ tactics like installing thicker or more stretched metal, reducing the amount of reflection your metal roof will redirect or installing the metal panels or a flat roof deck. If an already installed roof shows signs of oil canning, then you can potentially replace some panels.

Get help for your metal roof

If you have a metal roof and start to experience these problems, Homestyle Roof Painters can help. We offer a wide range of roofing services, including roof painting, cleaning, repair and restoration. Whether you need to revitalise your metal roof’s paint or protect against scratches, rely on us for experienced work. Contact us today to discuss your exact roofing needs.

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