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Selling Your Home? Enhancing Your Roof Can Help You Boost Home Value

If you’ve recently decided to sell your home, you want to get the best offer possible for your investment. One of the best ways to increase your property’s overall value is to make a few home renovations—and the roof is a great place to start. Take a look at our blog below to learn exactly how roof repairs and renovations can impact your home’s sale value.

Enhancing the aesthetic

Potential new homeowners look for a property that’s visually pleasing inside and outside. How the home’s roof looks also impacts its aesthetic. If your current roof is in decent shape and has no need for major repairs, consider giving it a new paint job to improve your home’s curb appeal.

However, if your roof does need major repairs—or even an entire replacement—you should complete this work before listing your home for sale. Potential buyers won’t want to buy a property that requires them to spend more money after the purchase, and they also don’t want an ill-kept roof on top of the home.

Should your roof need to be replaced completely, work with a roofing contractor who uses quality materials and who can recommend a new design that updates the whole look of the property. The design should also stay in style for years to benefit both you and the future homeowners.

Boosting energy efficiency

Homebuyers today constantly look for ways to make their abodes more energy-efficient, and an updated roof can really appeal to these individuals or families. In fact, buyers may be more likely to pay more for a property that prioritises energy efficiency.

A well-installed roof also prevents heat from escaping through it, which in turn lowers your energy usage and costs. And by repairing or replacing your roof, you allow your current property to better regulate internal temperatures, making for a more comfortable living experience.

Should you desire, you may also install solar panels on the roof to further enhance the home’s energy efficiency.

Making the home sturdier

A roof is meant to safeguard a home and its occupants from inclement weather. But if the roof has poor-quality materials or any damage, it won’t serve its intended purpose. 

Whether repaired or replaced, an updated roof enhances a home’s overall structural security. And the better materials used, the more secure the roof remains. Buyers are also likely to pay more for a home with a high-quality roof that will last for the duration of their ownership—especially because a sturdier roof will require fewer repairs and save them money in the long term.

All these factors combined boost your home’s value and allow you to sell the property for a higher amount.

Deterring pests and damage

Over time, roofs naturally get damaged, either from pests or nature. Those deterrents can create holes, encourage rot or impact the health and wellbeing of the home’s occupants. Likewise, any damage may allow pests directly into the home, creating several other issues for the property owners.

A repaired or replaced roof eliminates any damage and its associated risks, and it also prevents common pests from worsening any issues. Don’t forget to include your gutters in the repairs if pests are a concern. For more information about common pests that live in gutters (and can damage a roof), read through our previous blog article.

When you’re ready to start roof repairs or renovations, get in touch with the team at Homestyle Roof Painters. Our professionals can help you with whatever roofing needs you have so you can truly get the best value out of your property.

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