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Why DIY Roof Repair Could Leave You Out of Pocket

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Just one minor issue with your roof can leave your home exposed to the often harsh outside world. That’s why it’s important that you monitor your roof and carry out repairs as soon as you notice areas of damage, such as missing or dislodged tiles.

Many homeowners try to make repairs on their own. For kitchen or bathroom renovations and repairs, this is understandable. But DIY roof repair is not something to take lightly. Many things could go wrong, and you could end up out of pocket.

You could exacerbate the problem

Although a roof repair might appear simple at first glance, if you don’t understand the different aspects of a roof, you could make the problem worse. For instance, if you replace a tile in proximity to the flashing surrounding a skylight or vent, you might compromise the seal that prevents moisture from entering your roof. This would cause a costly leak next time it rains.

You could miss other important problems

If bad weather has dislodged several tiles, you could soon have a leak on your hands. But replacing the dislodged tiles may not be enough to prevent further leaks. That’s because a roof is so much more than just its top layer, whether that layer is metal, concrete or terracotta.

One of the most important layers of your roof is the sarking, or the underlay that keeps your home ventilated and protected against the elements and any invading pests. If you replace some tiles but fail to spot a hole in your sarking, you’ll regret it when the next storm hits.

You could be beaten by bad weather

A big difference between working alone and hiring a professional team to work on your roof is the time it takes to complete the job. With a professional team of roofers making repairs on your roof, using the correct safety equipment, the repairs won’t take long to complete.

But if you carry out the repairs yourself, without the right equipment or experience, you might not be finished before the next patch of bad weather arrives. If it starts to rain and you still haven’t finished the repairs, you could have more than just a roof repair to contend with the next day.

You could put off potential buyers

If you void your warranty by carrying out repairs on your roof yourself, then later put your house up for sale, potential buyers won’t be impressed. This is especially true if your roof warranty would have otherwise had several years remaining.

And if your repair job stands out like a sore thumb because your repair materials don’t match the original materials, you’ll need to hire professionals to correct the issue before you can sell your home.

You could injure yourself

If you have little experience working on roofs, and you don’t have the right equipment, you might injure yourself. Do you know how to move around on a rooftop? Are you familiar with the areas of a roof that can and can’t hold your weight? If not, you could end up with a costly medical bill as well as a roof that is in urgent need of repairs!

Have you noticed that your roof needs repairs? Then hire an experienced and reputable service to do the job for you. Homestyle Roof Painters does much more than just paint roofs. We also restore and repair roofs, leaving them looking — and functioning — as good as new. Call Homestyle Roof Painters today, and we’ll help your roof keep the elements out. We look forward to working with you.

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