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How Roof Cleaning Helps to Extend Your Roof’s Longevity

A clean roof is a long-lasting roof. Keep your roof clean and free of debris throughout all seasons, and you can trust that it will repay your diligence tenfold. You can repaint and restore your roof. But if you don’t clean it often in between those times, you’ll end up losing time and money that could be better saved with regular cleaning.

Have you had your roof cleaned recently? You can prolong the life of your roof in the following ways if you choose to clean it regularly.

Clean and dirt-free gutters

No matter how high your roof is, dirt and debris might collect on it in multiple ways. For instance, strong winds pick up dust and debris from the street and from nearby trees and carry them onto your rooftop. Much of this mess lands in your gutters. Over time and especially during storm season (November to April), dirt and debris begin to block your gutters.

Blocked gutters obstruct the flow of rainwater. As a result, rainwater may pool on your roof during heavy rainfall, putting a strain on the roofing materials and increasing the chances of a leak.

You can prevent this possibility with roof cleaning. A professional roofing service can remove dirt and debris from your gutters to allow rainwater to flow away from your roof and home.

Moisture-attracting debris removal

Another common problem with debris build-up on roofs is debris’ ability to attract moisture. Organic matter like leaves, twigs and dirt traps moisture. Moisture is not something you want trapped against your rooftop for an extended length of time. Moreover, wet leaves, twigs and other organic matter rot in the presence of moisture.

Why are rot and moisture so damaging to your roof? Mould thrives wherever there is moisture and shade, two things that rotting debris provides. If this mould then spreads to your home, it could become a health issue. Moreover, mould feeds on organic matter, such as wood. This will reduce the lifespan of your roof and leave unsightly stains above and below it.

This is why it’s a good idea to have a roofing professional remove debris from your tiled, shingle or metal roof. Although metal and tile roofs will fare better against debris and the moisture it attracts, long-term exposure takes its toll.

Plant growth prevention

You have probably seen trees and plants grow in some of the most unhospitable places — including roofs and gutters! Trees and plants can grow anywhere as long as they have dirt, water and sunlight, all of which a dirty roof can provide. When debris builds up on your roof, then birds fly over and drop dirt particles and seeds, your roof will eventually have the ideal conditions for plant growth.

Not only does this not improve the appearance of your home, but it also reduces your roof’s longevity. Plants attract moisture, insects, dirt, birds and other pests. Naturally, these will all contribute to your roof’s gradual decline.

If you spot anything that looks like a seedling beginning to grow in your gutter or on your roof, hire a professional to remove it before problems can begin.

Algae removal

Did you know that algae, the blue-green matter that forms on roofs and paths, can spread from roof to roof via wind? Algae can do a lot of damage to a roof if you allow it to thrive and spread. Algae reduces your home’s ability to reflect sunlight. Algae also traps heat against your rooftop, and this can crack roof tiles.

Then there is the staining that occurs because of algae, something that leaves your roof looking unsightly. It’s also very difficult to remove algae stains without the help of pressure-washing equipment. A professional roofing specialist will strip algae from your roof and prevent it from causing long-term damage.

Have you noticed debris and dirt up on your roof? Then you need the assistance of a reputable roofing contractor like Homestyle Roof Painters. With our pressure-washing equipment and 35 years of experience, we can help you increase the longevity of your roof. Contact us today.

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