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The Problem With Clogged Gutters

Gutters are a vital section of your roofing system as they are responsible for water management. However, many homeowners pay little attention to gutters until clogged gutters cause significant roof problems. Discover the dangers of dirty gutters.

Water damage

If you let water pool in your gutters for too long, it can seep through cracks in the roof and siding and into the house. The trickling water can leave unsightly marks on the ceiling and walls and causes door and window frames to warp and weaken. Water also leaks to soffit areas and fascia boards, leaving you to incur high repair costs. Unresolved roof leaks eventually damage furniture and other interior items.

Structural damage

As water seeps through clogged gutters and into your home, it leaves cracks on its way. Stagnant water in gutters commonly results in roof damage and costs homeowners a lot in repairs.

The water can also collect around your home’s foundation if you don’t repair roof leaks promptly. In this case, the timber underneath starts to rot as the paint peels. Over time, the foundation becomes unstable and weak, and it might even collapse. An unstable foundation isn’t an easy problem to correct, so avoid roof leaks in the first place.

Pest infestation

The debris that accumulates on clogged gutters can attract various kinds of pests. For instance, the stagnant pools in gutters can attract mosquitoes, which reproduce rapidly due to the presence of fungi, water and other microorganisms. Inspect the gutters first if you notice a sudden crowd of mosquitoes in your yard or home.

Birds also frequent dirty gutters, making noise and attracting bird mites. If you don’t clean your gutters, other pests to be wary of include wasps, hornets, mice and termites. Termites are incredibly destructive if they breed as they damage the wooden parts of the roof. 

If these pests find cracks in your roof and siding, they could make homes in the roof cavity or between the walls and make scratching noises. Also, dead animals in these areas leave awful smells. 

Mould and mildew

Leaky ceilings and walls from clogged gutters promote mould and mildew growth. Mould and mildew thrive in the humid and dark conditions from trickling water going down to your foundations. Homeowners find controlling these pollutants hard as they rapidly colonise indoor environments.

In addition, mould and mildew trigger various medical conditions, such as nasal congestion, coughing and wheezing. Household members with allergic conditions and asthma will also experience worse symptoms. The best strategy to defeat mould is to fix the moisture issues that encouraged its growth in the first place, like cleaning clogged gutters.

Landscape damage

A well-maintained garden or flower bed is any homeowner’s pride. However, clogged gutters might destroy your beautiful landscape as excess water overflows to nearby gardens. The floods can leave some plants dead and damage nearby shrubs and plants. Excess water also washes away mulch and deprives your plants of nutrients.

Reduced property value

Clean, well-maintained gutters boost curb appeal and attract potential buyers. On the other hand, sagging gutters, destroyed landscaping and water stains on exterior walls and siding are often serious property defects. Clogged gutters also cause structural problems that disappoint buyers and reduce the sale value for homeowners selling their homes.

Gutter maintenance prevents substantial damage to your house and enhances aesthetics. If you put off gutter cleaning, you may end up spending a lot on renovation and repair costs. At Homestyle Roof Painters, we excel in keeping gutters clean, clear and pest-free today. Call us today for professional gutter cleaning services.

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