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Why Paint or Clean Your Roof Before Selling Your Home?

If you want to improve your home before you put it up for sale, then don’t forget to look at the roof. The exterior condition of your property plays an important role in a successful sale.

If your roof is old or looks shabby, then you might want to clean or even repaint it before you sell it. What are the advantages of restoring your roof at this stage?

Improve first impressions

You can’t hide a shabby or damaged roof. Prospective buyers will see the roof as they approach your home to view it. Its condition can immediately affect the way they feel about the property.

If your roof has mould or algae streaks on it, or if its paint is peeling and worn, then it usually doesn’t make a good first impression. A roof that looks just a little tired can have a negative impact even if it is basically sound.

At the very least, your roof could change the mood of some buyers. While the interior might win some over, others might decide that they don’t want to take things any further.

Plus, some buyers will be wary of properties with less-than-perfect-looking roofs. They know that roof repairs or replacement can be costly, especially if the roof has caused interior structural damage. They might not want to take the risk of having expensive repair jobs on their hands as soon as they move in.

If you clean or repaint your roof, then it will look much more appealing. A clean roof can create a better first impression and increase your pool of serious buyers.

Get a true property value

Your roof can affect the ultimate value of your property. While you might assume that some problems, such as algae streaks or missing paint patches are just cosmetic, they can cause or hide more serious underlying issues.

For example, rain might have come through areas of peeling paint. Or algae might have damaged tiles enough to let water in. Your roof might need some repair work. If damage has spread into the underlying structure, then this also needs fixing.

These problems can decrease the value of your home. You might not find out about them until a buyer commissions a pre-purchase building inspection report. At this stage, you might be in the process of buying your next home. If your buyer starts to haggle to compensate for the costs of roof repairs, then you might need to lower your price. This can be a financial strain at this late stage.

If you bring in roof cleaning and painting specialists, then they can assess the condition of the roof as well as deal with cosmetic problems. You can make minor repairs if you wish.

Plus, if your roofer finds a more serious issue that you don’t want to pay for at this stage, then you can at least re-evaluate your asking price to compensate for the problem. You get a clear idea of the property’s true value to prospective buyers at an earlier stage.

Give buyers more confidence

Some buyers worry about hidden problems which will cost them money after they buy a property. They ideally want to move in without any nasty surprises.

If you clean or repaint your roof, then you give buyers a degree of confidence. You can tell them about the restoration work and any repairs you made. They then won’t worry about the roof from either a cosmetic or structural perspective.

If you are about to sell your home, then contact Homestyle Roof Painters first. We offer a full range of roof cleaning, painting, repair and restoration services. We can assess your roof and help you find the best way to make it work for you during the sales process.

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