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3 Good Times to Have Your Roof Cleaned

Many homeowners don’t have their roof cleaned regularly. A clean roof doesn’t just look good cosmetically. It also helps you maintain your home more effectively. Cleaning your roof at certain times is beneficial. When is this a good idea?

1. You can’t see your roofing materials

General dust and dirt on a roof don’t pose much of a problem. They might not look good aesthetically, but they aren’t usually a permanent problem. Rain often washes things like light dust, dirt and fallen leaves off your roof periodically, giving you an automatic clean.

However, you shouldn’t ignore anything that settles on your roof more permanently. Growths such as moss, mould and lichen are a potential problem. Engrained dirt that doesn’t wash away after even heavy rainfall is there to stay unless you do something about it.

Any growth or engrained dirt on a roof can damage tiles and other roofing materials. They can trap and hold moisture on the surface. If your materials aren’t sound, then the damage could spread to your internal timbers or cause leaks.

If you can’t see your roofing materials because something has covered them, then you can’t know how sound they are. You could have problems under the surface coatings. Plus, these coatings will also shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Now is a good time to have the roof cleaned. You can check on its condition and fix any problems to restore it to a more robust state.

2. You’re moving

If you’re moving out of your home, then the condition of your roof matters. If your roof is dirty, covered in moss, or showing stripes of black mould, then it isn’t a selling point.

You lose some cosmetic curb appeal, and people who are interested in buying your home might be put off by the state of the roof. They might worry that it has underlying problems that they’ll have to pay for after they move in.

If you have your roof cleaned, then in the best case scenario, it makes the property look more attractive. If you do discover any problems, you can fix them or warn buyers about them. The more people know about a property, the more confident they are about making an offer.

Bear in mind, that a clean is also a good idea if you’re moving to a property with a dirty or overgrown roof. You’ll spruce up your new home and find out if the roof has any problems you should deal with.

3. You suspect you have a problem

If your roof is clean, then you can spot problems more easily. You get a clear view of cracks in tiles, missing tiles and broken flashing.

Early signs of damage aren’t easy to see if your roof is dirty or has a lot of growth on it. However, you might get other hints that all is not well.

For example, say your gutters are clogging up or overflowing more regularly than usual. If you have a mossy roof, then pieces of moss might be falling into them and causing blockages.

Or, if a tile has lifted under the moss, you might not be able to see that it is out of line. The tile might be pushing too much water into one area of your guttering rather than guiding it down the roof more evenly. You might also start to see stains on internal ceilings if the tile lets water in.

If you have your roof cleaned, then you can identify early problems and fix them. To find out more, contact Homestyle Roof Painters. As well as roof cleaning, we also offer a full range of roof painting, repair and restoration services.

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