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7 Reasons to Have Your Gutters Cleaned This Coming Summer

With the hot and wet summer weather of the east coast of Australia approaching, your roof and gutters are about to face some new challenges. Gutters may not be as expansive as a roof, but their importance cannot be understated. Clean gutters keep a roof dry and free of dirt, pests and blockages. Are your gutters ready for the coming summer weather?

Here are seven reasons to have a professional clean your gutters this coming summer.

1. Heavy rain

During the summer, the east coast experiences heavy rainfall, with some often-spectacular storms. If your gutters are clogged, they could overflow, leading to multiple costly problems for your roof and home. A gutter cleaning will ensure that your gutters don’t remain cluttered after heavy storms, which will save you money and increase the lifespan of your gutters.

2. Roof deterioration

Metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs alike will degrade if water pools on your roof due to blockages. During heavy rainfall, if water pools on your roof, the weight of the water alone could cause your roof to collapse. And even if your roof is currently strong enough to withstand the weight of pooling water, the materials holding your roof together will eventually degrade, leading to costly leaks.

3. Damaged siding

Blocked or faulty gutters won’t be able to contain large amounts of water. This can lead to costly damage if rainwater spills over the edge of your gutters and soaks into your home’s siding. The windows, doors and walls of your home could eventually begin to rot if rainwater soaks into them every time it rains.

4. Foundation issues

Gutters should channel rainwater away from your home during storms and heavy rain. But if your gutters are so blocked that they can’t contain incoming rainfall adequately, rainwater will seep into your home’s foundation. This is bad news because heavy rainfall can disrupt the soil under a foundation, leading to settling.

If the soil settles under your foundation, this could cause cracks in your walls and cause your windows and doors to warp.

5. Ruined landscaping

Spring is a good time to work on your landscaping. But your plants will suffer if rainwater spills onto them during heavy rainfall. If the ground becomes sodden around your landscaping, your plants will eventually die and all your hard work and investment will go to waste.

6. Grass and tree sprouts

Birds are responsible for dropping seeds wherever they go. Their droppings may also contain grass seeds. And nearby trees could drop seeds into your gutters. Spring and summer is growth time, and this means that all those seeds built up in your gutters could begin to sprout, blocking your gutters and attracting pests. Not only does this look scruffy, but your gutters will also leak during rainfall.

7. Feeding and breeding pests

If plants like grass and young trees clog your gutters during summer, they could very quickly become breeding grounds. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and other insect pests like wasps and termites may take advantage of the biological soup growing in your gutters. If you don’t remove blockages from your gutters, they could soon attract all manner of pests to your home.

Birds and rodents too tend to feed and nest in clogged gutters. And if these pests damage your roof in the process, they could soon invade your home and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Are your gutters ready for the rainy weather of the coming summer in Brisbane, Caboolture or the Sunshine Coast? With the help of Homestyle Roof Painters, you can ensure that the aforementioned problems don’t affect your gutters and home this summer. Call us today and we’ll ensure that your gutters are clean and ready for the summer rain. 

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