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How Long Will My Roof Restoration Take?

If you are thinking about refreshing the look of your roof or replacing it altogether, we can help!

You have probably started shopping around for affordable roof restorations in the Brisbane area and wondered how much the whole process will set you back.

We are  roof restoration specialists that provide a wide range of services such as roof painting, cleaning, repair, full restorations and emergency work.

Homestyle Roof Painters are able to meet both your expectations and your budget.

Roof Restoration or Replacement?

This depends on the current condition of your roof, so our expert house painters can let you know what the best steps to take are.

Homestyle Roof Painters offers cost-effective solutions as an alternative to replacing your roof.

With our combined level of expertise and experience in the roof maintenance industry, we can restore your roof to a good-as-new condition.

This can be done by using the right materials and workmanship.

What Does an Affordable Roof Restoration Entail?

To restore your roof to its former glory, the roof restoration process initially consists of an inspection of the roof and preparation of the area.

Then the roof, including solar panels and skylights, are thoroughly cleaned using specialised pressure washing equipment.

This works to remove moss, dirt and anything else that might be present.

Tiles, damaged sheets, pointing and bolts are then repaired and replaced using modern materials such as Flexi Point.

Finally, the roof is prepped and painted using 100% Australian owned and manufactured Acryloc products.

The surface of the roof is prepared using Acryloc Primer bonding systems and painted with the complementing Acryloc Roof Membrane surface coat.

Ideally, these paints should be applied using an approved applicator such as the Graco Paint machine for a super-even finish.

Keep in mind that roof painting is not as simple as spraying on a new coat of paint.

Prepping and painting a roof is a complex operation that requires a lot of skill and knowledge in the cleaning, repair and surface preparation.

It is necessary to use various sealers, primers and membranes that are only available to professionals.

How Long Will It Take?

Your entire roof restoration can take as little as 2 to 3 days, weather and environmental conditions permitting.

A professional roof restoration team will ensure that there is no disruption to your day-to-day life.

We aim to get the job done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

When looking for a company that offers affordable roof restoration, look no further than Homestyle Roof Painters!

Call us at 07 5495 2200.

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