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How the Different Types of Weather Affect Your Roof’s Longevity

In a few months, Queensland’s severe weather season begins. From October to April, heat, hail, wind, rain and thunderstorms will put your roof to the test. This fact makes now a good time for roof maintenance and repair. Even if your roof only has some minor issues such as a missing tile or a missing screw on a tin roof, by the time the severe weather arrives, the results could be disastrous.

Before the worst of Queensland’s weather arrives next spring, get to know how the different types of weather can affect your roof. This will help you to prepare and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.


From spring onward, Queensland will gradually become hotter. This heat and UV light can damage a roof in several ways.

Cracked and brittle tiles

Tiles have a protective layer of mineral granules that keep UV light from damaging them. But when older tiles lose their granule layer, UV light can cause them to dry out and become brittle. Cracked and brittle tiles won’t protect your home from rain and wind.

Expansion and contraction of roofing materials

Thermal expansion occurs when temperatures change quickly from hot to cold. Thermal expansion causes roofing materials like wooden trusses, metal, plastic and even concrete to expand and contract. This can crack and buckle a roof, whether that roof is tile or metal.

Condensation, mould and wood rot

High humidity can trap condensation within your roof cavity. This is especially true if your roof has poor ventilation. Poor ventilation sometimes occurs due to holes in the roofing material. Trapped condensation leads to mould and wood rot, which can steadily damage your roof.


Rain can do a lot of damage if a roof has any unnoticed chinks in its armour.


Just one tiny hole or crack in your roof can lead to a roof leak. A roof leak might occur because of loose flashing, a cracked tile or enlarged fastener holes.

Blocked gutters

If you don’t clean debris out of your gutters, blockages can occur during rainfall. Blocked gutters cause pooling on roofs during rainfall. And if water pools on your roof, the weight could damage your roof and cause a leak.


Queensland’s severe thunderstorms sometimes bring golf ball–sized hailstones with them. Hailstones can do severe damage to a roof.

Cracks and granule loss

Hailstones can crack tiles. Hailstones can also lead to the loss of the granule layer that protects tiles from the sun.


Even metal roofs aren’t safe from hailstones. Hailstones can dent metal roofs. Those dents then trap water, which can lead to rusting and eventually, leaks.


Wind is most damaging when a roof is in a state of disrepair.

Dislodged tiles

Severe winds can easily move a tile that has cracked due to UV rays. And just one moved tile can cause the neighbouring tiles to move away too, leaving your roof exposed to the elements.

Loose or dislodged guttering

If your gutters are old and loose, strong winds may rip them away from your roof. Wind can even bend gutters and downspouts, which increases the risk of blockages.

Damage from nearby tree limbs

Nearby trees are dangerous to your roof in windy weather. Tree branches can do a lot of damage to a roof, damage that will expose your roof to every type of weather. Avoid this by keeping nearby trees trimmed.

Although severe weather can strike without warning, if your roof is in excellent condition, you need not worry. A well-maintained roof will hold off all types of severe weather for many years.

If you wish to prepare your roof for the spring and summer weather, call Homestyle Roof Painters today. With our professional assistance, your roof will be ready for whatever the severe weather season throws at it. We can repair or restore your roof—whatever is necessary to ensure your roof is in excellent condition.

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