Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Gutter cleaning is a pretty messy job, but it’s one that has to be done to stop corrosion and possible damage to your walls and foundations.

Cleaning and replacing your gutters will:

  • Improve your roof and home’s watertightness
  • Prevent unnecessary damage and repair bills
  • Improve your home’s curb appeal and value
  • Deter rodents and pests from setting up shop


Your professional Homestyle roofing specialist will:

  • Provide a full written report on the state of your gutters and drainage

Cleaning & Painting Gutters


  • Clean your gutters
  • Repair and replace rusty, cracked or leaking gutters
  • Replace broken down pipes
  • Paint gutters and flashing

We know the best way to clean and paint gutters.

We provide quality roof painting, roof repairs, reroofing and cleaning in North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Caboolture.

Contact us on 07 5495 2200 or fill out our contact form for more information on the cost, quotes and job scheduling.

We are only a phone call or street away.

Roof Leak Detection

Roof Leak Detection Sunshine Coast

Got a roof leak? Disaster? Emergency? Need a minor repair? No problem! A qualified Homestyle tradie is just a phone call away – rain, hail or shine.

For just $175 our roof technician can diagnose and detect the problem area. If only minor, the technician will fix it while he is there and will also give a written report, with digital photos for your roof.

How Much Does Roof Leak Repair Cost?

Our $175 Roof Leak Detection Includes:

  • Fast response and on-site visit
  • Full inspection and leak detection (valid for insurance claims!)
  • Written report detailing the problem
  • Instant fix (up to 10 tiles) if it’s safe to do it on the spot and you have tiles that are on site, and/or Free quote for a permanent fix
  • Full guarantee on all our workmanship for 6 months

If you decide to go with the recommended repairs from our contractors — either on the spot or on a later date — the $175 comes off the price of the quote. That’s right, you get the leak detection for FREE!

Early roof leak detection is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your home. Catching leaks early prevents extensive water damage, which can compromise the structural elements of your roof and home. This proactive approach saves homeowners from costly repairs by addressing minor issues before they escalate into significant problems.

Detecting leaks early also protects against mold growth, which thrives in damp environments and can pose serious health risks. By keeping your roof dry and well-maintained, you ensure a healthier living environment for your family. (Click here for more tips on how to limit mold growth.)

Additionally, early detection can improve energy efficiency. Water intrusion can damage insulation, leading to higher heating and cooling costs.

Routine inspections and timely repairs extend the lifespan of your roof, providing better value and peace of mind. In summary, early roof leak detection is an essential practice that safeguards your home, health, and finances.

So if you need a roof repair, contact us now!

Roof Restoration


Sometimes we take the roof over our head for granted. Just like anything else in life, your roof needs some tender loving care from time to time.

Our team over at Homestyle Roof Painting can give your roof a makeover and make it look ten years younger as we specialise in roof restoration

Looking for quality roof restoration? We can bring your home back to life, no matter what type of roof you have!

With a 10 year guarantee on our coatings, you can be assured that your restoration will last.

If your roof has started to look old and tired with missing tiles or holes, then you need to get in touch with us for the ultimate Brisbane roof restoration..

Roof restorations have many potential benefits that your wallet and home will love you taking advantage of.

There’s quite a bit involved in a restoration, however we make sure to complete the job in a timely and professional manner.


Our experienced team has been dealing with home owners roofing needs for years so there is little that we don’t know about a building’s crowning glory.

We don’t just repaint roofing, we offer many other services as well. We can also paint guttering, gables and fascias and if your roof has build up of dirt and grim, we have specialised pressure washing equipment that will thoroughly clean tiles, sheeting and even guttering.

Get the repoint

If you have any missing or broken tiles, we can repoint and replace them and we will even do up to ten tiles free if you have the spares.

We can repair holes in sheet roofing as well as offer a quick-response leak detection and repair service for both tiled and sheeted roofs.

If you are in need of any of these services or a full roof restoration in Brisbane, give us a call for a free quote as soon as possible.

Up on the roof

Your roof protects you from the elements but in turn, it will deteriorate and degrade over time. You may think that you have to replace the whole roof once the damage becomes too bad but before it gets to that point, you should get us over to revitalise it.

We can make it look brand new and will be saving you a substantial sum of money in the process.

Even though it is quite a complex procedure, the restoration shouldn’t take more than two or three days and you will hardly know we are there the entire time. Here is what to expect when we do a roof restoration.

Everything you need to know

First we will do a full inspection, then we will provide you with a comprehensive quote. Next we will begin the preparation of your roof by cleaning every nook and cranny with our Water-wise accredited pressure washing equipment.

After that we will secure any sheet roofing or completely repoint and replace any damaged tiling using a product like Flexi Point.

Out on the tiles

Remember, if you have spare tiles, we will replace up to ten tiles for free. If you need new tiles, our colour matching system will help them blend in with the rest of the roof.

Super even finish

We use Acryloc bonding systems to prepare the surface and then we will apply the Acryloc Roof Membrane coating. We use the latest Graco Paint applicator for a super-even finish. After we complete the job, we will clean everything up. All our completed work comes with a 12 month warranty.

So if you are looking for the best roof restoration, call us today for your free quote.


  • Preparation
  • Complete Roof Repairs
  • Rennovation
  • Painting 
  • Full repointing 
  • Replacement of tiles 
  • Full Clean up
  • Full warranty 

We will provide you with the highest quality workmanship, and attention to detail roof restorations in Brisbane. If you’re on the fence, consider all these perks to having it done.


  1. Reduced Energy Costs
  2. Preventing Leaks and Water Damage
  3. Weather protection
  4. Optimal Safety
  5. Heat Efficiency

Looking for affordable Roof Restoration? Contact the experts on 07 5495 2200 for a free quote and inspection!

Rather than forking out for a new one, you can let us restore your existing roof for a significant cost saving. If you can’t afford an entirely new roof, it makes sense to restore it instead rather than letting it go until you have bigger problems as a result.

By letting us restore your roof, you can have the needed repairs done without having to spend the money on a full replacement.


We offer full repair, repointing and replacement of tiles and/or metal sheeting. If you need a tile roof restoration or a metal roof restoration, we can help!

If your current roof is looking a little tired and worn out, restorations can bring it back to life, improving the kerb appeal of your entire home. We offer a variety of materials for your Brisbane roof restoration, so you can choose exactly how you want the finished product to look.

Not only can this improve the overall look and feel of your house, but it can also increase its value at the same time.

A restored roof does a better job of blocking noise from outside, including construction sounds, traffic, and noisy neighbours.

This makes for a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere inside your house. Blocking sound from outside is ideal for shift workers who sleep during the day and parents of small children who nap during daylight hours.


You can choose one of the fabulous colours that we have on offer to make your Brisbane home look stunning.

Our website contains a paint previewer so that you can see what the paint will look like before you make your final decision.

You can also look at different colours for guttering, fascia’s and downpipes so if you desire you can give your entire home a makeover. Give us a call to get a quote and inspection for your metal roof or tile roof restoration.

Our Services

Roof Repair

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Repairing your roof before it becomes a bigger problem should be a priority, as it could cost you in the long term. Instead of trying your luck at fixing your own property and putting yourself in harm’s way, have us take care of your roof repairs (it’s safer). Sub-par roofing is the major cause of leaks, which ultimately leads to interior damage.

Why Use Our Roof Repair Services?

Apart from the obvious fact of keeping the elements out, roof repairs and maintenance on your tile or metal roof will:

  • Prolong your roof’s life, meaning less money spent on a total re-roof.
  • Use preventative maintenance to help identify potential problems before they become costly.
  • Improve your roof’s appearance.
  • Increase your home’s value.

What Does Our Repairs and Maintenance Process Involve?

  • Extensive roof cleaning.
  • Securing roof sheeting, replacement and tightening of screws, bolts, and O-rings
  • Repairing small areas of damage on tin roofs.
  • Replacing and re-pointing tiles using modern materials such as Flexi Point.
  • Prepare the surface with Acryloc surface bonding systems.
  • Colour matching and application of surface coats.
  • Full clean-up after completion.
  • Full warranty on workmanship for 12 months.

What Should I Be Conscious of Regarding my Roof?

Sometimes, damage isn’t visible. If you have metal roofing, hail and tree debris can create rust-forming divots that you won’t notice until it’s too late. An inspection by our knowledgeable tradespeople will help identify issues like this, using years of experience in providing high quality roof repairs and restorations for both tile and metal roofing.

If you do find a leak or broken tile or need your gutters replaced, don’t try the DIY option unless you have the expertise to do the job properly. We have encountered many DIY jobs that have caused more damage to the roof and gutters, which means more money down the drain on repairs.

Applying silicone sealants might seem like a good idea when it’s bucketing down, but silicone is almost impossible to paint on or pressure clean. It must be removed, along with tiles or sheets it encountered. We also offer full roof restorations if a repair just won’t cut it!

We improve and maintain roofs daily, so for true peace of mind, let us take care of all your roof repairs in North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaners Sunshine Coast

Over time, your roof will naturally accumulate dirt, pollution residue, algae, mould, and lichen. The combined effect of all these foreign materials results in a weaker, less waterproof, more breakage-prone roof that also looks neglected. Our commercial roofing contractors are specialists in the industry with over 40 years of experience, so when looking for roof cleaners on the Sunshine Coast, trust us to take care of your property.

How Will You Benefit From Our Roof Cleaning Services in North Brisbane?

The process of cleaning roofs is fraught with danger, where you are subject to unsettling heights while working on a slanted and slick surface–with equipment. By having our teams clean your roof, using years of experience and expertise to guide them, you won’t have to haul yourself up a ladder anytime soon. Our services are essential because we improve:

  • The presentation and appearance of your home (its “kerb appeal”). The build-up of foreign materials, such as leaves, dust, and animal waste, can become an eyesore if left unattended.
  • The value of your home. When selling or renting your property, you should consider cleaning one of the most visible parts of the property. Keeping the exterior of your property clean creates a more inviting atmosphere.
  • The maintenance integrity and lifespan of your roof. After a while, the build-up of foreign materials can start to weigh heavy on your roofing, especially after soaking up rainwater. When we perform preventative maintenance on your property, we promote a longer lifespan, allowing for easier maintenance jobs in the future.

What Do Our Cleaning Services Entail?

Although each project presents its own difficulties, we approach it with the same trusted process each time. Our process includes the following:

  • Thorough cleaning with specialised pressure washing equipment.
  • Cleaning all amenities or roof features, including solar panels, skylights, and whirlybirds.
  • Eco-friendly wastewater removal – zero pollution to the local sewerage system.
  • Waterwise-accredited cleaning process and tools.
  • Full clean-up after completion.
  • Warranty on workmanship.

Why Use Us?

We prioritise compliance of industry standards and only use the latest safety equipment, including SPS safety poles, in addition to being fully insured. At HRP Roofing, we not only seek to provide our services but also offer invaluable advice regarding your roofing.

If you’re looking for affordable Roofing Contractors in Sunshine Coast, Caboolture or North Brisbane, we’ve got you covered!

To book your next roof cleaning service, call Homestyle Roof Painters today on 07 5495 2200 or use our Contact form!

Roof Painting

Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

For the best roof painting on the Sunshine Coast, we even paint gables, gutters and fascias. These are trickier elements of roof painting we excel in. You can also use our handy Paint Previewer to see how your roof could look with a different colour scheme. For superior roof painting in North Brisbane, contact us about your specific requirements.

Roof painting is an important part of home maintenance. Here are the main benefits:

  • You can change the colour and style of your roof for an updated look and feel for your entire home. You get the best of both worlds in functionality (a roof that does not leak!) and aesthetics (to make the neighbours turn their heads!)
  • It adds a layer of protection to your roof (literally). A properly painted roof is more weather resistant, looks good and does its job for longer.
  • It cools down the inside of your home: Cooling costs are reduced as heat is repelled, preventing heat build-up inside. Such natural indoor climate control is good for the environment and your pocket.
  • It stops leaks and moisture absorption: A hydrophobic or water-repellent seal forms over roof tiles to stop water leaks and prevent roof tiles from crumbling and timber ceiling trusses from being affected by water ingress.
  • Your roof lasts longer and adds value to your home: Roof painting is an important consideration for return on investment on your overall maintenance spend.

Be Sure To Use a Professional

Roof painting is part of the structural maintenance of your home. It should be performed by a professional like HRP Roofing for the best results. Much more than merely slapping on a coat of paint, roof painting must be a well-considered aspect of your overall home maintenance strategy.

Apart from making your home look great, painting boosts your roof’s resistance to dirt, mould, lichen and algae. Proper preparation and quality products are key to successful roof painting. Our team is highly experienced in the best application methods to paint your roof professionally with the least wastage and maximum benefit.

What We Can Do For You

Our roof painting service includes a full inspection and report for peace of mind. We clean your roof beforehand and repair or replace any damaged tiles, roof sheeting, pointing and bolts as part of our roof repair and maintenance service.

We prepare the roof surface with a primer bonding system, ensure colour matching, and apply any roof membrane surface coats. Paint is applied using the latest equipment for a super-even, quality finish.

Painting a roof properly so it endures for a long time, is a complex project involving cleaning, repair and correct surface preparation using suitable sealers and undercoats.

For a professional and affordable roof painting service on the Sunshine Coast, contact our helpful team at HRP Roofing for the best advice and a free quote.


Call 07 5495 2200 now to give your roof a new lease on life!