After clean and After paint

To get the best roof restoration the secret is in the preparation.  Cleaning the roof thoroughly ensures that the new paint application will adhere to the roof surface. Homestyle Roof Painters have the best preparation crew who take pride in their work.  Give us call for your roof restoration and add $$$ to the value of […]

Sienna Clay Roof

This photo represents a good before and after shot of a roof restoration job.  The owners chose the colour Sienna Clay and they are very happy with their choice.  It has given the home a clean and fresh look adding street appeal.  If you have been thinking about your roof please give a call here […]

Before clean and after Painting

This is a typical roof of approx 12 years of age.  The condition was starting to deteriorate and the owners decided it was time to have us look at it before the storm season.  If you would like us to assess your roof, please give us a call here at Homestyle Roof Painters for all […]

Clean Repoint and Paint

This photo is a good representation of work in progress.  The photo on the left shows the roof after it has been cleaned and repointed and the one on the right is after the painting is done.  This roof is now in excellent condition and ready for the upcoming storm season and also added value […]

Clean Roof Dirty Roof

This is a typical 15 year old roof.  It is hard to believe the amount of dirt that builds up on the roof over the years.  This photo demonstrates what a difference just a clean to the roof can make.  If your roof is getting on in years it might be time to give Homestyle […]

Sienna Clay Roof Colour

Another great transformation from a very tired looking roof to a great Sienna Clay roof.  The owners are very happy with their roof and the colour compliments the rest of the property.  Give us a call at Homestyle Roof Painters for all your roof cleaning, gutter & fascia cleaning or for a full roof restoration. […]

After Clean and After Paint

What a difference a clean and paint can make.  The first photo shows after the cleaning was completed and the pointing renewed.  The second is after the paint.  The owners are very happy with the end result and also they are very pleased with their colour choice.  For all your roofing needs give Homestyle Roof […]