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How You Benefit From Clean Gutters

Rain gutters control the flow of water from your roof. Without gutters, rain would puddle on the roof, run down the walls or gather in crevices. With gutters, rain water flows in a directed path to a disposal site, where it does not damage your home.

When rain gutters get clogged from debris, the water becomes trapped and can cause problems. Regular maintenance and cleaning allows gutters to do their job well, which provides several benefits to you. Learn how clean gutters benefit you and your home.

Prevent Damage

Clogged gutters don’t properly direct water away from your home. If the water pools on your roof, it can damage the roof and may leak into your home through the ceiling.

If the water finds another way down the house—such as by dripping down the walls—it can damage paint or exterior building materials. The water can also leak into the home through siding panels or windows and cause further problems inside.

Once on the ground, water can pool around the base of your home. Eventually, pools of water like this can cause floods or foundation issues. Luckily, clean gutters keep water from leaking into your home and prevent water damage.

Increase Curb Appeal

Dirty gutters are an eyesore. When someone sees your home, you want their attention to go to your bright front door, your beautiful siding or your seasonal decorations. You don’t want attention drawn to piles of leaves and mud in your gutters. Clean gutters allow the unique features of your home to stand out.

Clean gutters also increase curb appeal by protecting your landscaping. Dirty gutters can’t direct water overflow away from your flowerbeds or carefully planned xeriscaping. With dirty gutters, water can pool and drown sensitive plants or wash away small landscaping elements. However, clean gutters protect your landscaping and ensure that water is directed to a safe place.

Keep Pests Away

Nearby trees are the most common culprit for clogged gutters. Leaves, twigs, mud and sap from trees gather in gutters. Those cosy elements provide an ideal place for creatures to hide away. For example, mice, squirrels and birds can make nests in dirty gutters. And pests like worms or wasps can also take cover among the debris.

In some cases, these pests can use dirty gutters as a stopping point on their way into your home—once on the roof, they can find damage or openings to crawl their way inside.

Clean gutters, however, are much less appealing to these creatures. Clean gutters do not provide nesting materials or cover from predators. If you keep your gutters clean, you can prevent pests from being attracted to your roof.

Improve Watertightness

If your home is watertight, that means that water cannot get into your home. And one of the inherent benefits of gutters is watertightness around your roof and home.  Generally, watertight homes also prevent water from pooling on or near the home as well. Clean gutters facilitate this benefit even better, as they prevent pooling and direct water away from the home’s main structure.

This movement prevents stagnant water, which prevents the growth of mould, algae and moss. Each of these troublesome substances require water to flourish, so dirty gutters and stagnant water encourage their growth. If you have mould growth in your gutters, you can have them cleaned. However, the best approach is often to prevent mould growth from starting, which you can do with clean gutters.

Save Money

In the long run, clean gutters can save you money because they prevent so many other issues. If you keep your gutters clean, you won’t have to pay for gutter-related pest control or gutter-related landscape management. Clean gutters will add lifespan to your home, especially by keeping your roof intact, which will save you money.

If you need professional gutter cleaners that you can trust, contact Homestyle Roof Painters. In addition to cleaning, we will provide a full written report about the state of your gutters so that you can best manage them. We want your clean gutters to benefit you.

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