It isn’t too long before Winter will be upon us with full force. While it’s often hard for us to adjust to the cooler weather, did you know that your roof also needs some attention? Autumn is the perfect time to check the health of your roof and make sure it is ready for Winter.

  1. Clear your Gutters – This isn’t a job that anybody likes but it is extremely important that you keep your gutters clear. If you gutters are blocked by leaves and other debris you run the risk of your gutters flooding which can cause water damage to your home. **This rule applies in Summer too as blocked gutters can become a fire hazard if you allow them to build up with leaves, sticks and garden matter. Once your gutters have been cleared, make sure you cut back any overhanging bushes, trees or plants to minimise the debris. This will stop your gutters from blocking up again so quickly.
  2. Check for Rust – Whilst cleaning out your gutters, look out for any rusted sections. Rusty gutters are often a cause of water leakage and damage.
  3. Check your Tiles –  Take the time to look over your roof for any cracked or broken tiles. If left unfixed this can be a cause of water leaking into your roof and doing more damage to the inside of your home. These issues need to be fixed before any bad weather so as to prevent bigger issues down the track.
  4. Check for Damp Spots – If you see any damp spots on the ceilings of your home this could be a sign of a roof leak somewhere that needs fixing. If left untreated you will eventually end up with internal damage that can be very expensive to fix.

Homestyle Roof Painters can help with any of the issues that have presented above at your home.

Give us a call and we will arrange a time to attend and check out your roof and be ready for Winter!

Suncorp Insurance WARNING

As per an abstract printed in the Sunshine Coast Daily Weekend, dated August 26-27 2017,

“Renovators who prefer a DIY approach are warned by Suncorp many insurance policies will not cover damage to property if it’s related to poor workmanship, including renovations that don’t comply to building laws or regulations.”

Have a look at this!

It is amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do to a house. It adds instant value and looks to your home. This was a fun project for the team at Homestyle. The job came up excellent, great job guys. One very happy customer!

Satisfied Customer

Lovely review from one of our customers: “We had homestye roof repair and paint our roof I have never come across such hard workers like these guy they never stop. And the job they did was fantastic the old roof never looked so go. Their attention to details was outstanding. I would recommend these guy to anyone. Once again thankyou Homestyle Roofing for a great job and it was a pleasure to have you guys at my home. Best job ever, Phil S” Contact Homestyle Roof Painters for a free roof restoration quote.

Fresh start to the New Year!

We are back in the swing for the year 2017. This customer is very pleased with how his roof has come alive with a fresh application of Headland Acryloc paint. Give Homestyle Roof Painters a ring for a free quote on a roof restoration for your home.

Monument-al difference!

What a difference a change of colour can make to a home. From a very tired looking roof to the vibrant Monument applied. The customers were really pleased with the end result and welcomed the compliments made by the neighbours. Give us a call here at Homestyle Roof Painters to make your home stand out in your street.

Great Roof Colour

The customers are very happy with the colour choice of Headland.  They also chose to use the Reflectacoat Product designed to reduce heat inside the home. It has transformed this roof from a very old and tired looking roof to a stunning roof and has given the home great street appeal.  They also had the gutters and fascias painted in the same colour adding value to the property.  The customer is very happy and would recommend Homestyle roof Painters to their friends and family.  Thanks to Ros Rothwell.

Morocco Tiled Roof

Another great roof restoration done by Homestyle Roof Painters.  The owners chose the colour Morocco and it really suits the home.  For all your roof restoration needs give Homestyle Roof Painters a call.